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Some Match users have reported difficulty with customer service and especially in cancelling their memberships. Because finding that special someone does not usually happen over night unless you are very lucky. Basic Membership or the Total Connect Plan? This is not a one night stand dating site, and the prices do certainly help to deter those who are less serious about looking for a partner. I cancelled my 3 month membership after the first 2 weeks. The money you save could then be spent on your first date. Apparently their algorithms and whatever statistical analytics they use to match potential interest together does not work for the average consumer.

How much eharmony

Summary Both Match and eHarmony are reputable online dating platforms that have connected many happy couples. I am standing by the fact that I believe they shut my account down just to hit me with the new rate! Match Match, on the other hand, does not require a lengthy questionnaire in order to get started. While eHarmony is more expensive, it offers a deeper analysis and look at future relationships. Membership Features So just what do you get for your money? This is a company that needs to be stopped immediately. Once your questionnaire is complete, 1 of 2 things can happen: Both are very similar and involve creating your profile. Eharmony fails to provide prior notice to consumers prior to the action and is engaging in deceptive business tactics. Also unlike eHarmony, Match allows you to search through all the matches in its database at will. Match users say that they tend to receive more views and messages at the end of their subscription, which may be a ploy to get them to renew. Trial Accounts Both platforms offer trial accounts. The the 6 and 12 month membership options also offer much better value when compared to the single months membership. When I try to obtain a refund eHarmony became rude and belligerent which I am very certain they can see the effort I tried to put into using their site with no response. They need to be shut down immediately and their advertising needs to stop because they are doing nothing but scamming singles out of money. Conclusion It seems that Match is the slightly better option, considering how expensive and time intensive eHarmony can be. Some eHarmony users have reported that there are scammers on the site trying to take financial advantage of single men and women. I have very few friends who have been successful on this website. Recently, they said my account was "compromised", and they deleted my account, mail, and my matches. It includes advice from experts about relationship, personal issues, eHarmony related questions, and dating. I don't feel that is fair and ethical for eHarmony to continue to scam people the way they have been doing. Basic Membership or Total Connect Plan? Match is more affordable, has an easy to use interface, and seems to be more laid back. The least expensive eHarmony cost option is called the basic membership plan, and the slightly more expensive eHarmony cost option is called the total connect membership plan. I canceled my subscription immediately. These include MatchPhone, allowing you to talk via phone without revealing your number, notifications when your email has been read, Highlighted Profile, coloring your profile a different color to stand out, and First Impressions, putting your profile up for new users to see first. There are some paid features if you are willing to dole out the extra cash.

How much eharmony

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