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First of all, methods using cold are best used as soon as possible after receiving the hickey. Instead of cocoa butter, you can also use almond or olive oil. Rub the inside of a peel from a ripe banana on your hickey for up to 30 minutes or until the peel turns brown. Slowly drag your fingers towards the outer edges of the hickey. How To Hide a Hickey? Try leafy greens or brown rice. Vitamin K prevents coagulation blood clots and is used to help treat bruises which is what a hickey is! The first method is to use peppermint oil and to apply it on the bruised area of your skin.

How do hickeys go away

As we have already said, cold methods are the best if used immediately after getting a hickey. Method Nine — When All Else Has Failed You have tried every single method on this site, but the hickey is still there and you have the most important interview of your life in half an hour — what do you do? You may feel tingling, but this sensation will go away soon. Method Seven — Massaging Massaging a hickey works on the same principals as the toothbrush, lipstick caps, and coin methods. Place your fingers on the center of the hickey and apply pressure. Once the spoon is no longer cold, return it to the freezer and use the next one. Due to its cooling, disinfectant and soothing properties, alcohol is a great home remedy for hickeys. Vitamin K is great to help speed up the hickey healing process. Scraping is also one of the methods that will help you get rid of a hickey fast and easily. You can use a makeup brush or a makeup sponge to apply makeup gently on your skin. A light touch is key — applying too much pressure could actually make the bruise worse. Using methods that have to do with heat right after you get a hickey can make it much worse and make it much harder to remove a hickey! There are many Vitamin K based creams out there. This method works very well to increase circulation and break up the clot. If you press it too hard, it may even worsen the condition. Keep it there for around minutes and then wrap the spoon with a cloth. But, if you use an adequate treatment for you hickey, it will last shorter. You should never apply a warm compress immediately after getting a hickey. A hickey usually lasts about a week or so. It can improve the blood circulation and heal a hickey for a very short time. You should also twist the cup when you press it down. You should apply a pink concealer the same way as green. Rest the Affected Area. Remember that a hickey will not disappear overnight, so you need to be patient. The cold helps stop blood flow to the area and the rubbing can move around and break up the blood that has already coagulated in the area. Of course, clothing will also hide a hickey from other people. If you are wondering how to remove a hickey, you can also use witch hazel.

How do hickeys go away

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How To Hide A Hickey

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The first method to use a cold compress is to put ice cubes in a towel or in a paper towel and to put it on your skin. Another medication that you can take is Excedrin.

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