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It is a sequel to the survival horror game Dino Crisis and was followed by But it's not all fun and games: Dead Aim Resident Evil: Little Nightmares There's a fairytale feel to Little Nightmare 's strange world, but it's a darkly unpleasant one. The Room is survival horror video game, the fourth installment in the Silent Hill series, published by Konami and developed by Team Silent, a production group within Konami Resident Evil 2 Few survival horror games are as memorable as those born from "the good old days," an era in which we all just kind of dealt with god-awful tank controls and camera angles in exchange for scares. What happens next, well guess you'll have to play it to find out. Origins Silent Hill:

Horror game names

But that's not all: It is also the first in the And while the original Resident Evil introduced us to a few of the horrifying creations of the Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil 2 was the masterpiece that kept us up at night with the fear that our quiet little towns might someday be home to a zombie outbreak. They include a falling chandelier, getting pushed off of the stairs, getting squished by a suit of armor and being burned alive in the fireplace. Taking on a group of enemies is challenging for all the right reasons: And that's when things get really bad One or two players take But this one has booby traps! It was published by Konami Digital Little Nightmares There's a fairytale feel to Little Nightmare 's strange world, but it's a darkly unpleasant one. Heroes Never Die in Japan, is the fourth release in a series of light gun shooter video games by Capcom. It's constantly dark and unpredictable, blurring the line between a monstrous reality and an even worse something else. Its story unfolds like a thrilling TV miniseries, right down to the episodic structure that bookends each plot twist and revelation. This extends to my virtual neighborhood too, so today's Quick 10 is about creepy board games. That place is Bright Falls, a Twin Peaks-inspired mountain community with a terrible secret. As the only living human - as far as you're aware, anyway - you'll have to scavenge for supplies and hide from the Things That Go Bump in the Night if you hope to keep on keepin' on. While many games on this list are here because of their fear-factor alone, Until Dawn earns a spot for more meta reasons, too - it's wilfully, soulfully entrenched in horror tradition, and uses those tropes brilliantly. Nemesis, known in Japan as Biohazard 3: If creepy, phase-in-directly-in-your-face dead girls aren't enough, Paxton Fettel seals the deal as a telepathic cannibal who leaves behind remnants of his feasts for you to find. Developed by Capcom as the second installment in the Resident Evil The Room Silent Hill 4: Underneath the board were three boxes, and as you moved around the board you could collect trapdoor keys to open the doors and the boxes beneath to rescue ghost kids. The game is a spin-off of the Clock Tower series, The red light would illuminate different things on the gameboard than the blue light, so you had to play under the cover of night to know what you should be doing. The Raccoon City setting was far more unsettling than the original's mansion, and you were forced to explore some areas - the zombie-infested police department oh god, that Licker that crawled across the window or an underground lab facility full of hulking B. These aren't necessarily the best horror games, but there are a lot of popular horror games listed here. What happens next, well guess you'll have to play it to find out.

Horror game names

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