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You're going to go through a lot of mechanics and parts replacers before you find the "old guy" engineer, but once you find that guy, stick with him. But that doesn't matter. Every decent shop has that guy. The guy who spends his lunch breaks doing crossword puzzles and pondering the operation of triple expansion steam engines. The shop knows you're a regular, they don't want to lose all of those money-making oil changes and brake jobs, so they appease you.


You don't get billed for the labor but you'll have to pay for some other part. What if I told you your job just involved showing up in a company polo shirt and looking into large vats? Find An Engineer In modern terminology I'm a mechanic. Mechanic comes out ahead. Your first visit to the shop is the mechanic rolling the dice. He knows they don't have a clue about the long-term survival for a shop. The "old guy" bills half an hour because he knows the other mechanics should have figured shit out. Well, then, don't go assuming about my job. The "old guy" knows once you've found a mechanic you "trust", regardless of whether or not they're the "cheapest" mechanic in town, you'll come back for more work. Your mechanic is no different. You, the six figure executive, can't figure out why your lawn mower won't start it's out of gas , while the "old guy" has already mowed his lawn and is reading a book about England's "Black Country". Families need to be cared for. The customer and the mechanic both want to come out ahead. The "old guy" has probably read a lot more books than you, the fancy-pants executive, have read. Sometimes these problems aren't quite so cut and dried He wants you to come back. I'm not fond of that name, but it's what the general public knows me as. You know the "old guy" had to have spent more time on the job than half an hour. These mechanics are obviously not competent and you should get all of your money back. What if you are a network engineer and I told you your job was just moving cables from one place to another and sitting in front of a computer all day? Noon comes and you don't hear anything from the shop. Throw some parts at the problem and it may work. Now imagine that some organization had already made that estimate for you. You give the service writer a piece of you mind and leave the shop with steam coming out of your ears. You're going to go through a lot of mechanics and parts replacers before you find the "old guy" engineer, but once you find that guy, stick with him.


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22.09.2018 at 10:12 pm

The "check engine light" CEL comes on in your car, you take it to a shop, the shop you've always gone to for oil changes and brake jobs, it's "fixed", you give them your hard-earned money and go on your merry way. When you consider the shop classes I've had, my time spent in tech school, the years I've worked the trade and the other related things I've studied on my own time

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