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Insect-pests of ber Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. The infested fruits were round in shape and varied in size ranging from pea to pebble. The full grown larvae is dark brown in colour and mm long with dark head and body covered with long thin hairs. Adult is small, dark brown in colour with fringed wings. Biochemic and Physiologic der Pflanzen, 9: Indian Journal of Entomology, The larvae also damages the flower buds and tender shoots. The grubs are white in colour with red marking on the bogy, which are present inside the seeds Balikai et al. The damaged young leaves have serrated margin Karuppaiah et al.


Aubeus himalayanus Voss Curculionidae: The moth lays eggs at the onset of rainy season in batches of 25 eggs and a moth lays about eggs and the incubation period lasts days. Most of the time larvae are associated with the ant due to their sugary secretion from anus. It sucks the sap from the branches, and ultimately kills the tree. Coleoptera , ber fruit weevil, a new pest of Ziziphus from India. The caterpillars pupate during the summer for about four weeks and from the pupae adult moths emerge, mate and lay eggs again Azam-Ali et al. Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, Insect-pests of ber Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. However,the production of lac and fruits cannot be done simultaneously. Gall formation in floral buds of ber - a new threat to ber industry. The adult weevils are small, dark in colour with snout. The grubs are white in colour with red marking on the bogy, which are present inside the seeds Balikai et al. Fruitfly, Carpomyia vesuviana Costa Tephritidae: The infestation initiates during November and the peak incidence occurrs during end of December Gopali et al. Haryana Journal of Horiculture Science, 5 Feeding on bark hardly affects plants, it is tunnel made by larva for its shelter, which 16 Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, , Vol. The larvae also damages the flower buds and tender shoots. The malformation occurs during new growth 17 Journal of Agriculture and Ecology, , Vol. One of the reasons for it is infestation of insect pests on the vegetative as well as developing fruits, which ultimately leads to significant yield loss and quality attributes of the fruits. The infestation starts from June and peak incidence occurs during third week of October with a peak population in the first week of August. Horticulture Journal, 14 2: The presence of bark eating caterpillar can easily be detected by presence of webs at forks or angle. Effect of incidence of lac insect, Kerria lacca Kerr on bearing and quality of jujube fruits in Haryana. The crop is gaining popularity among the growers because it thrives well under adverse climatic condition and gives good return. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 22 2: A total of 12 insect-pests infesting on ber have been recorded from hot arid region of Rajasthan.


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Studies on the incidence of ber fruitfly Carpomyia vesuviana Costa in south-western Haryana.

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