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At first, it was assumed it represented an exemplar of Stegosaurus. He considered Stegosaurus stenops, the name historically given to several well-preserved specimens, a separate species and provided a new differential diagnosis of Hesperosaurus compared to S. Higher on the flank two rosette structures are visible with larger central scales, one being twenty by ten millimetres in size, the other ten by eight millimetres. Carpenter described them as similar to the teeth of Stegosaurus, though somewhat larger. The exact shape of the plates is hard to determine due to erosion. In the front tail vertebrae, the tops of the neural spines are rounded instead of bifurcated. In the atlas, even in adult specimens the neural arches are not fused to the intercentrum. He described them as long and low.


This shows no scales but a smooth surface with low parallel vertical ridges. The front end of the prepubic process has an upward expansion. The rear blade of the ilium has a knob-shaped expansion at the rear end. The basisphenoid of the lower braincase is short instead of long. The end of the tail bore a " thagomizer " of two pairs of spikes, the front pair being thicker, the rear pair thinner and more horizontally directed to behind. He described them as long and low. In the back vertebrae, the neural arches, above the level of the neural canal, are not especially lengthened to above. A part of the lower trunk flank shows rows of small hexagonal, non-overlapping, convex scales, two to seven millimetres in diameter. In , initially only "Moritz" and "Lilly" were reclassified as cf. Also the display function would have been reinforced, because the sheath would have increased the visible surface and such horn structures are often brightly coloured. Thirteen dorsal back vertebrae are present instead of seventeen. At first they were considered Stegosaurus exemplars. These grooves would have been about half a millimetre deep and stood about two millimetres apart. The ribs are expanded at their lower ends. It preserves both true impressions of the skin into the surrounding sediment, and natural casts, where the spaces left behind by the rotting of the soft body parts have been filled in with sediment. The plates of the hip and tail base are oval and low instead of high and triangular. CAT-scans showed that the plates have thin but dense outer walls, filled with thick spongy bone. However, Clifford Miles, while preparing the remains, recognised that they belonged to a species new to science. A third specimen was found in The skeleton was partly articulated and, in view of healed fractures, belongs to an old individual. Carpenter described them as similar to the teeth of Stegosaurus, though somewhat larger. Thirteen neck vertebrae are present instead of ten. Due to his conclusion that Hesperosaurus were rather basal, in it many comparisons were made with the basalmost known stegosaurian Huayangosaurus , [1] that lost their relevance once it became clear that the phylogenetic position was in fact quite derived. In , Gregory S. They proposed that Hesperosaurus should be considered a species of Stegosaurus, with Hesperosaurus mjosi becoming Stegosaurus mjosi; at the same time Wuerhosaurus was renamed into a Stegosaurus homheni.


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It consists of a nearly complete skull and much of the skeleton. However, Clifford Miles, while preparing the remains, recognised that they belonged to a species new to science.

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