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If so, I would think that there would be a few people who had shared needles with a SVR'ed patient. One supposes that the numbers would be small or that reporting might be limited. The virus is gone and the patient is cured! If the test is negative at that time, it should be repeated at 6 months as some people take a longer time to develop the antibody. I heard the virus can be cleared but lie dormant in the body. I don't date too much, but recently started dating an awesome man claiming he had hepatitis C, but "cleared" the virus from his body through treatment i. For all practical intents and purposes the person does not have the virus and cannot transmit it.

Hep c remission contagious

However, a large study by Abbott and colleagues of over 36 adult deceased-donor renal transplant recipients demonstrated an independent risk for increased mortality with HCV-positive donors, even in the subgroup of HCV-seropositive recipients A positive donor HCV-RNA, indicative of active viral replication, has been associated with a higher risk of transmission, but often this information is not available in the time frame required to utilize a deceased donor. Even so, if it were possible I think that we might have heard about it by now. There are more tests that need to be ordered before deciding on treatment. There is a simple common sense provision of transplants that if they can eliminate the chance of using infected tissue they will. It is very important to wait after possible exposure to have the antibody test. Hepatitis C and Baby Boomers Will antibodies ever go away? Keep in mind that the ability to detect HCV keeps improving. My instincts tell me I would consent, but I'm not sure everyone would automatically feel that way. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, he still carries the antibody. We never sell or share your email address. I think one has to define terms and intents so that all understand what is being asked and answered. The genotype test is important if a patient wants to treat the virus as treatment decisions regarding which drugs to use and the duration of treatment depend on the patients subtype or genotype of the virus. If he is clear of the virus he should be able to prove it. Here are some guidelines regarding organ screening in a transplant setting "Screening of donor and recipient prior to solid organ transplantation. Once again this could be dicey claiming that one knows, but it would not surprise me if this has been tested more than once "in the field". Great info, thanks for posting it -- much food for thought. I want to visit his doctor with him. If he "cleared" the virus from his body, is he still contagious to me? If you think you are risk for hepatitis C, it is a good idea to get tested. You should be very careful, Petra. I don't intend this as a change of topic, but if what I have written is true, then what mode of transmission is somewhere in between the two extremes of normal day to day living with a SVR non-infective patient and receiving a liver from one? So far as an SVR person infecting another person thru day to day normal events; no.

Hep c remission contagious

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How Does A Person Get Hepatitis C?

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