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Have a fantastic birthday. You can become a stripper, but cannot legally enjoy a sip of alcohol. On my last birthday I wished I had a gorgeous girl with me. It is a wonderful thing to know that you are my sweetest companion for life. Babe, did you know that you are the reason why my heart still pumps blood around my body? I recently started trying to save water, so maybe we should shower together tonight? I remember how my heart skipped its beats when i saw you first time. Babe, if you were a book, this would be your most exciting chapter. Forget all the worries and the bad moments you ever had and celebrate this day to the fullest.

Happy birthday message to your girlfriend

I love you so much, sweetheart. Have a very special day. When I smell you I smell a rose garden, when I touch you I become numb and when you kiss me I get dizzy. Wishing the love of my life a very happy birthday. I promise that your birthday will be as funny and perfect as we are two. May this year bring all your dreams and wishes come true. In your arms, I always want to be. Every girlfriend in this world expect a birthday gift from her boyfriend. Happy Birthday to the brightest star of my life. Happy Birthday to the girl that shone in front of me the minute I saw her. I hope you get happy on your birthday- and I would be ok if you got naked too. Happy Birthday, my love. In you, I have found my best friend for life. Sometimes, I wonder what extraordinary good deed I must have done in my previous life for God to gift me His best creation in this lifetime. Happy Birthday and many more to comes!! You are going to start your another year of lifeā€¦ my good wishes are with you for your success in life. If rainbows make people smile, then you own the sky in my heart. I thought my life was good before I met you. I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as your smile. Your lips speak the lovely words of a kind and generous woman. Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend of the world!! In my arms, I always want you to be. I love you now and always. May all the choicest blessings in life be yours. Enjoy your day, sweetheart. Forget all the worries and the bad moments you ever had and celebrate this day to the fullest.

Happy birthday message to your girlfriend

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My Birthday Message for my GF

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But this is the best way to show your girlfriend that how much you love her.

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