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As I said earlier, one can easily incorporate a handfasting ritual into almost any ceremony. What would you say is the biggest misconception about handfasting? For other countries please check your local government. The handfasting knot that is tied is a symbolic representation of oneness between the couple. And, for the unscrupulous, it was easier to deny later. Rather, it was a formal ceremony where the couple exchanged promises preferably in front of witnesses, often including a priest to marry in the future plighted their troth and where the marriage contracts were finally agreed upon. Remember, the Gods do not discriminate — if you take a vow with a loved one to be joined in unity during a handfasting, you most certainly will be married in the eyes of the Gods.


This was called hand-fasting, or hand in fist. The Cords Each Wiccan and Pagan path has different decrees concerning the color, length, type and of number of cords used to handfast the couple. Do a search for color correspondences or go to: And now for the magical part: My husband and I used a purple cord - I love purple, which symbolizes spiritual strength. Translated and edited by John C. It did not matter if banns had been posted in advance or not. At that fair, it was the custom for the unmarried persons of both sexes to choose a companion, according to their liking, with whom they were to live till that time next year. Government laws have been slow to catch up. Fast forward to modern neo-Paganism and their adaptations of sacred ancient and not-so-ancient rituals. The joining of the hands became a feature of betrothals in Scotland and in England during the medieval period. For same-sex unions to be recognized, this has been an uphill battle for many. But as with Tennant, this custom is described as "now entirely laid aside" and also associated with the Roman Catholic era of Scottish history. Like earlier sources for the myth, Scott had no personal knowledge of such a practice. Further, Pennant seems unaware that a clergyman was completely unneccessary for legal marriage in Scotland before the Reformation just as one was unneccessary after the Reformation. The origins of this usage are explained by Anton In later times, when this part of the country belonged to the Abbacy of Melrose, a priest, to whom they gave the name Book i' bosom either because he carried in his bosom a bible, or perhaps, a register of the marriages , came from time to time to confirm the marriages. Brundage Brundage, James A. If they were pleased with each other at that time, then they continued together for life; if not, they separated, and were free to make another choice as at the first. The short answer to this question is: Later writers, both novelists and historians, take up the myth, some adding new elements to it. When we are handfasted, as we term it, we are man and wife for a year and a day: Sexuality and Social Control: One custom may have the couple facing each other, binding both pairs of hands of the bride and groom. There was first the betrothal ceremony and later the giving-away of the wife to the husband.


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What Is a Handfasting?

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I have not yet tracked down the earliest evidence for modern Neopagan handfasting, nor the earliest evidence for each alteration and addition to the new traditions. It did not matter if the marriage was blessed, or a mass followed, or not.

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