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A duffel or toggle coat is better suited to your body shape. The larger spread between the collars allows you to tie a large necktie knot, making your face look proportional. Single-breasted suits that button quite low look better on heavyset men. Use this to your advantage and start shopping smart. Wear dress shirts with spread collars: If you lose weight down the line, you can always get your clothes adjusted by a tailor. Suits, blazers, and sports jackets are your allies in achieving a proportional shape. Most jackets end at the waist.

Guylook clothing

Most outfits split the body into two halves at the waist — shirt on top and pants on the bottom. A broader collar suits your broad face. A watch with a large dial, a thick and wide necktie knot, and a hefty fountain pen are some accessories that count as power items. If most of your weight is in your upper body, wearing shorts will make your knees, shins, and calves look spindly in comparison to the rest of your frame. Minimalism is important for a man with a big frame. For instance, a pair of fine wool trousers are much lighter than a pair of thick denim jeans. The deep V shape makes you look leaner and longer. They convey the strength and presence of a man of your size. Swap shorter coats for a long overcoat. A heavyset guy with fuzzy patches, stubble or a curly beard is going to be mistaken for a slob. A double-vented jacket adds flexibility and shape to your appearance. Accept your body as it is. Belts tend to slip right off the tapered shape of your round stomach. Add a long overcoat to make a solid impression with your whole body in winter. Avoid anything that hugs you tightly or hangs off your skin with folds of extra cloth. Wear dress shirts with spread collars: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Maximus Trax. The horizontal lines in a windowpane, plaid or checks will accentuate your wide frame. The bigger you are, the bigger your accessories need to be. Most jackets end at the waist. Well-Groomed Facial Hair Add structure to your soft facial features with a trimmed beard around the jawline and chin. Since proportion is important for a large man, keep your accessories in proportion to your frame. Balance, proportion, and comfort are key factors in getting the right fit. Not a fan of beards? A woolen overcoat without a belt works best to produce this illusion. Your chances of finding clothes that fit perfectly off the rack are slim.

Guylook clothing

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Avoid anything that hugs you tightly or hangs off your skin with folds of extra cloth.

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