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Since his website launched in July, several bikes that were reported stolen in one state have been retrieved in another part of the country. On the other hand, the service is free so it's tough to argue that I should expect a premium experience. Statewide, more than were snatched, but Stolen Bikes Australia director Brad Kellas said the actual figure was at least 15 per cent higher, because some people feel the chances of getting it back are so low that they do not report the theft to police. Mr Seymon has since been reunited with his bike, but most theft victims are not so lucky. I found that while there were many people trying to haggle down, there are plenty who will just pay.

Gumtree victoria australia

That was really useful as I found some items received no interest when I first listed them but were quickly snapped up when renewed. I found that while there were many people trying to haggle down, there are plenty who will just pay. I ended up keeping notes so I could easily track who was buying what and the final price. Over the last few weeks I've listed a number of items including a brand new, still in the shrink wrap, GB iPhone 7 Plus which was an unneeded bonus from my mobile carrier , an electronic drum kit, a NAS, a router and that unicycle. Supplied "I set up a fake email account, contacted the guy and got his phone number, and then passed all this info onto police" Mr Seymon said. When police raided the home the bike was gone, but under questioning the thief admitted he had stashed it at a friend's house. When the messages are flowing thick and fast, it can be tricky to remember who asked what. Keep notes or some sort of list. There are just a few high level groups to choose from. Advertisement Unlike many other online sale sites, there's no need to go through lots of product categories and sub-categories. A bike that was snatched in Sale last year ended up being advertised in NSW, one taken in Townsville showed up in Victoria, and a bike pilfered in Perth resurfaced more than kilometres away in Cairns. The notice Glenn posted throughout the Pascoe Vale area. Here's what I learned. I eventually sold it for a few dollars under my asking price. You give the item a title, a brief description and set a price. The unicycle in the garage is testament to why I should never be allowed to impulse shop. I renewed it on Saturday afternoon and was inundated with offers. What did I list? You shoot a pic or three of your item. People love a bargain and Marketplace really gets the hagglers out in force. The layout and organisation of those groups has evolved but, initially, things were a little annoying. I had lots more people interested for all my items when i listed on the weekend. As it turned out, the thief was not based in "Nickolson", or in Nicholson Street, Carlton, but was actually living a few streets away in Pascoe Vale. The listing process is very straightforward, far easier than eBay or Gumtree in my view. Tips The three key things I learned from selling several items on Marketplace were: Room for improvement The biggest hassle with Facebook Marketplace is managing the massive flow of messages that can come if you list a popular item. Police spokeswoman Sharon Darcy said less than 10 per cent of bikes reported stolen were recovered.

Gumtree victoria australia

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Darrian Traynor She said Victoria Police monitored classified websites regularly, and if an owner believed their bicycle had been offered for sale on one, they should contact police. Facebook is a great way to get your excess stuff in front of potential buyers, but not an ideal way to deal with them.

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