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This might take place if the original parents die or are for some reason separated from them. We match up boars all the time. So, which ever decision you make, be informed. Many, many people have pairs or trios of boars who get along great. A number of plants are poisonous to guinea pigs, including bracken , bryony , buttercup , charlock , deadly nightshade , foxglove , hellebore , hemlock , lily of the valley , mayweed , monkshood , privet , ragwort , rhubarb , speedwell , toadflax both Linaria vulgaris and Linaria dalmatica , and wild celery. If a dominant guinea pig can see they aren't being challenged for leadership, then the pairing is more likely to be successful. A friend does make a difference to them when you are not around. As a safety precaution I've placed two cube grids and connecters over the bedding area, just incase one of my inquisitive guinea pigs decides to climb on the roof, they are unable to venture any further. Please don't have those expectations or you are likely to be disappointed.

Guinea pigs and cats living together

Some guinea pigs will get along just great. The same is true of the Texel guinea, except that its hair is quite curly. Guinea pigs soon become accustomed to household activities and especially enjoy sounds like the fridge door opening, a sign veggies may be on their way: Third, if she is very definitely pregnant, you probably don't know when she will deliver. Peachy has recently used it as a platform, so I was right to be extra cautious. A dominant guinea pig cannot guard both areas at the same time. This just isn't true. Some guinea pigs will nip quite hard though, enough to cause the nipped guinea pig to cry out, so keep a close eye on your piggies if this is happening. Neutering a guinea pig inherently carries more risks than neutering cats, dogs or other larger animals. Risks of Neutering Performing a surgical procedure on any animal involves the risk of death from complications--either on the operating table, post-operatively, or later during recovery at home, sometimes due to infections. Also, some shelter clinics cannot afford the latest and greatest equipment needed. Exotic vets usually focus on rabbits, rodents guinea pigs , birds, reptiles, and other small creatures. The most common is the American or English variation, with a smooth, short coat that lies flat against the body. This behavior is common and is seen in many other animal species such as the elephant. Any responsible rescue will try to guide you to an animal that works well for your situation. Guinea Pig Cages My guinea pigs live indoors with us, living in our home, there are so many advantages for my guinea pigs and myself. In addition, it is pretty difficult to find a competent vet who has a done quite a few cavy neuters with a high success rate. Guinea pigs and other pets I've noticed that even a few good books have stated that its alright to introduce cats and dogs to guinea pigs. When to separate them? They may state that it has to be carefully done and will give you instructions. Another cost that might occur, which is very hit and miss, is vet care. Have a question, need more info or want to contribute your experience with guinea pigs? It will NOT make them less aggressive. A younger male is usually a good idea if the pair is adult. In no way are your guinea pigs to blame, some piggies were born to be dominant, others aren't, its just natures way. Occasionally, the fighting is extreme and they must be permanently separated. It will prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Guinea pigs and cats living together

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Cat and Guinea Pig play together (EPIC REACTION!!!)

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Guinea pigs all have their own personality. That may sound tough, but it's worth thinking about.

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