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Be warned - it is pages long! Basic company information free of charge. In addition there has been, for several years, the ability to migrate a company to Guernsey, to emigrate a company from Guernsey and to amalgamate one or more companies. Official documents are priced. There is a fee for additional information. The web site provides company name, registered number and state for free. The search options are limited to company name or number and the interface is in German and French. Directors Registration A Guernsey company is required to have at least one director.

Guernsey registry company search

Additional information such as details of directors, total authorized capital, division of share capital, shareholders, charges and liabilities is priced. Welcome to the Guernsey Registry website. Details of those companies that have been struck off can be found here. Further details on this proposal are expected later in Instead, the directors may issue shares of such type and of such value as they determine, subject to the authorisation requirements described below. Search and display of information is free of charge but the information is not available in English. Annual Validation - companies All Guernsey companies must file an Annual Validation with the Registry between 1 January and the last day of February each year except companies incorporated in December the previous year. The provisions in relation to avoidance of transactions in which directors are interested do not apply to any transaction entered into before 1 July Under the old law, only preference shares could be redeemed and so it was always necessary to create an ordinary class of shares over which the redeemable shares had preference. Accordingly, care must be taken to ensure that the memorandum and articles of any Guernsey company are consistent with this new requirement. The free information includes name, address, status, legal form, date of incorporation and directors. Poland Ministry of Justice Poland www. Basic company and contact information free of charge. Therefore, the articles of incorporation of many Guernsey companies will contain provisions restricting the ability to make dividend payments other than from profits. Free information includes company name, registry number, name status, company type, date of incorporation. The Americas Anguilla Financial Services www. If you have the Google toolbar installed in your browser, the 'Translate into English' option works well enough to enable you to understand most of the headings and financial items. There are currently ca. Much of the company information, though, is in Slovak. Ireland Companies Registration Office www. Oceania Australian Business Register www. Any provision by which a company indemnifies its own directors against any liability for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust is void except that: The Lithuanian lawyer wants to attract businesses to the corporation tax-free island. Free information includes name, registry code, status, area, share capital and address. Guernsey Police confirmed there is "no current criminal investigation" following the registry's establishment. A free service enabling you to search for companies by KRS number official company register number or by name.

Guernsey registry company search

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Searching and company name, address and contact details are free of charge.

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