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It was written for Chris Martin's late wife, who had just lost her father. It holds the distinction of being the best-selling track from their album Red Rose Speedway. It originally appeared on the Hannah Montana: It is featured on their album The Game and went on to top the charts for four straight weeks. It features the vocal stylings of Siedah Garrett, and opens with the lines that no hopeless romantic can pass up: Hearts melt when Steve Perry's golden chords belt out: Hence, this famous Ross and Richie melody was born. The tune has its fair share of catchy rock beats, soulful vocals and unabashed bragging about her lover being "better than all the rest.

Great rock love songs

Choose songs with lyrical balladry. The order of songs in your playlist is exceedingly important, because you need to create a flow that sparks a willingness and desire to explore. It is packed with memorable lines that will have him smiling, such as: It originally appeared on the Hannah Montana: The inspiration was his wife, Annie, who is the envy of everyone who listens to this heartfelt folk tune. Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone A fractious relationship finally comes good in this Humbug track. Doing your homework pays dividends all the time. Apparently, he penned it while she was getting ready for a party. With romantic tunes playing in the background, all the sensual and sexual feelings gush forth during intimacy, leading to a prolonged act of love making. This heart breaker song harkens back to their album A Night at the Opera, and deals with lost love and longing. Who doesn't love Lloyd Dobler? Arctic Monkeys - Lusty, longing thoughts from Alex Turner in a mystery hotel room. Jeff Buckley - Grace The most romantic voice ever? Ash - Shining Light More romance from Ash, a beautiful love song. It was co-written by her husband, Mutt Lange. Hence, this famous Ross and Richie melody was born. It is featured on their album Led Zeppelin II, and it still stands the test of time. It remained in the charts for over two years in the United Kingdom, and appeared on numerous TV shows. Although he doesn't seem to happy about it It also pays tribute to lovers everywhere who can convey their undying devotion without saying a word. However, this rock love song from their album I Might Be Wrong is a notable exception, with lyrics like: She got a song. Making a playlist of songs that she can relate to is a great way to build up tender moments that create deeper passions. Hearts melt when Steve Perry's golden chords belt out: U2 - With Or Without You Despite being at their stadium-straddling biggest, the '2 could still get to you. Courteeners - That Kiss Liam Fray sums up the perfect moment exactly: A conversation with playful touches will lead to tender kisses that get moist as you get cozy and feel each other.

Great rock love songs

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It's realistic, relatable and down-to-earth, which makes it the perfect wedding dance tune.

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