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Even so, 8 percent of all Arkansas couples chose to get married during winter according to The Knot Real Wedding Survey. Amtrak operates daily passenger service that crosses the state from the northeast to the southwest, with stops in Little Rock, Arkadelphia and Hope, among other areas. Marriage Age Requirements Arkansas: All applicants should bring their Social Security card or some other legal document that shows their social security number. Integrate one or more of the state's unique specialties into your wedding celebration to give your guests a taste of the "Natural State. No blood or medical tests required to get married in Arkansas. Do Your Guests a Favor:

Getting married in arkansas courthouse

Arkansas Wedding Dates to Avoid In addition to considering the weather, you might also want to consider any major events or festivals that take place before choosing a wedding date. You can also change your name on your vehicle title and registration at the DMV. Both the bride and groom must be present to apply for a marriage license. Arkansas does not allow common law marriages. Getting an Arkansas Marriage License Arkansas marriage licenses are issued on the county level, but they can be used to get married anywhere in the state. A Justice of the Peace or former Justice of the Peace who has served two or more terms since Ministers with their credentials recorded in any Arkansas county Check with the county to verify whether another type of officiant is locally acceptable Permit Information In most cases, wedding venues in Arkansas don't require a special permit, but it's always best to check with the facility, especially before booking. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit. A Recitation signed by both parties. The circuit court judge, after considering all of the evidence, may issue an order directing the clerk to issue a marriage license to the parties. Be prepared to pay cash, as you can't use a check or credit card to pay for your Arkansas license. Research attractions near your Arkansas wedding venue, plan an itinerary for before or after the wedding to help your wedding party and guests get a feel for local flair. A marriage license obtained in Arkansas can be used to marry anywhere in Arkansas, but remember that it must be returned to the same office where it was issued. Marriage license may be issued immediately if the applicants are both age 18 or over. Arkansas does not allow cousin marriages. Please call ahead as they are closed on holidays and some off-season Saturdays. To get a marriage license, visit a county courthouse in any of the state's 75 counties. The summer heat and humidity begin creeping in during June, and temperatures average above 90 F during July and August. Changing Your Name in Arkansas Changing your name in Arkansas involves a series of important steps to follow. While we hope you enjoy the fun details, the most important detail is applying for an Arkansas marriage license, plus getting all the necessary permits and any paperwork if you're changing your name. No such proof is required in Arkansas. Embrace the challenges to give your out-of-town guests something interesting to do during their downtime, or avoid these dates to minimize extra hassles by following our comprehensive guide of wedding dates to avoid in , and Popular Arkansas attractions include the following: You do not have to be a resident of Arkansas. Arkansas does not allow proxy marriages. The license may be used any-where in the state of Arkansas, but it must be returned to the same County Clerk's Office where you applied for it. No witnesses are required for marriages in the State of Arkansas. From zingy barbecue to spicy tamales, this state offers a diverse menu of flavors.

Getting married in arkansas courthouse

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You can also change your name on your vehicle title and registration at the DMV. Applicants 21 years of age or older may simply present a valid driver's license showing their correct name and date of birth or any of the following documents:

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