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We learned to separate carnal urges from the very special connection the two of us shared. Draco could not help laughing at this. I clearly was not ready for something like that, but thought I would be because porn always made it look like so much fun. But I already have my eye on someone. Draco was surprised when Harry suddenly stood up, making excuses that he should leave, and Draco was disappointed. I was with my best friend at the time and another couple.

Gay theesome

He was about to find the perfect way to get exactly what he wanted. We cuddled, we kissed; it felt very safe. You guys broke up? He could almost imagine in his head the way Harry's face would look as he wrote this silly warning. He wondered if Harry had thought that if someone broke into his diary, they would care if he was warning them not to read it. When he reached the last page, he saw that Harry had written about them having a threesome with Charlie Weasley, and Draco had to admit that the thought of having those two men naked, made him very excited. A few days later, he met Charlie for the first time, and told him about the plan he had thought out, even telling him about the diary and the last entry. I had my first foursome in college. They had always assumed that he would agree with the family, that Harry and Ginny was the perfect couple and should get married to make Harry a legal part of the Weasley family. Harry's last entry in the diary, he sat writing out by the lake, there was a hole in the tree he was sitting against, so if anyone showed up quickly, he could hide it in there and fetch it later. I just forgot I had something important I needed to get done. He was starting to wonder if Draco was going to make a move, before he realized rather suddenly that the Slytherin still did not know that Harry was single. He was horrified at the thought that he was almost late, and when he ran off to Dumbledore's office, he reached the others with merely seconds left to spare. Well, I thought so, but being the journalist that I am, I needed to get to the bottom of group fucking. He told Ron and Hermione, Ron was just as surprised as Harry was, he had no idea this affair had been going on behind Harry's back. Neither Harry nor Hermione had any idea what was coming next, when suddenly Ron blurted: She said she still loved you and wanted to fix things. We never brought it up again but I noticed that my boyfriend and his best friend stopped drinking around the house as often. This would stop any of the other 8th years finding it, and thinking they had permission to read it. He was shocked that she had cheated, but realized it had been a hidden blessing, if she was happy, he could be happy without thinking that he ruined her life or something. Once we started having them, it was as if we had just met all over again. My girlfriend became convinced that I was seeing other people outside of our group sex and it eventually led us to break up. From my limited understanding of them, threesomes can either make you feel like a baller or like total shit. For once, Harry was happy. I felt a closeness to all of them that I hadn't before; it was the first time in a long while that I understood that sex could equal a connection with another, not just a kick-ass orgasm. Draco opened the book, and then read the inside of the front cover, where there stood, in the best version of Harry's handwriting that Draco had ever seen:

Gay theesome

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So when Draco reached his owl, he took out a scroll of parchment and scribbled a note to Charlie Weasley, requesting to speak to him.

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