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We could call her at midnight knowing that she is going to pick up the call and will help us no matter what. Like all matrimonial services, the clients are asked to fill up a form that describes their likes and interests before finding suitable matches. Mar 10, at 9: The couple is now thinking of adopting a baby girl. More people are finding partners for themselves, as opposed to their parents, but there are a lot of things attached to it. Think Change India For year-old Urvi Shah, equality was not just an ideal but a reality to strive for. As I was desperate to have a life partner and tried all other ways of doing it, I called up the CEO, understood the process and got registered. But here's what happened.

Gay matrimonial website

The couple is now thinking of adopting a baby girl. We could call her at midnight knowing that she is going to pick up the call and will help us no matter what. How did your family react to your job? My family is still not open to the concept because they think it is typically illegal and unethical. Today, the site boasts members from 24 countries. I then went to Times Of India's office on Saturday. The AGM also offers counseling services to families, apart from arranging marriages. It was Saturday evening. I said "Ma'am, I'm homosexual and I May 20, I found my soul mate in 10 months and I will never forget two angels of my life: Interestingly, the British government itself decriminalised homosexuality by passing the Sexual Offences Act of Kudos IAGM for bringing longing souls together. She read it and said "There is a grammatical error" she was referring to us seeking a groom for a man. So they are very proud. They have seen people coming together, living happy lives. Six couples comprise both NRI partners; four couples have legally married. Even as Arranged Gay Marriage continues to work well, Urvi now wants to set up an organisation that arranges for employment for homosexuals. Thank god, I trusted them and took a huge step of my life. Every friend of mine initially went crazy. It was a complicated situation, but because I had blessings from all of these people, I decided not to stop. I decided to educate them instead of cutting off friendships, and now they have actually started helping me. My parents were in denial. Maitree Basu suffered from depression when she was unable to find a partner of her choice. HuffPost chatted with Shah about her work, why she nearly gave it up and her hopes for the future of marriage in India and around the world. However, the Supreme Court overruled this judgement in , and non-heterosexuality continues to remain without validation — therefore, wrong — by law. It cost about Rs 1,

Gay matrimonial website

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