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We all know that one guy who is always schmoozing with everybody. This is how in Spain they call a guy with a big nose. But be careful when using this nickname for elderly persons. All these mannerisms are great sources of funny nicknames to call them. A nickname that is usually given to a quiet and shy girl.

Funny rhyming nicknames

Do they ever get a joke? Some bizarre suggestions by readers: Just what have bananas got to do with A guy or girl who acts like he or she is missing a few screws in the head. This is the name you would call someone who has a foul breath. A nickname for a religious girl who follows all religious rules. A girl and maybe even a guy with really long nails. This is how you would call a girl who has blond hair. We all know that one guy or a girl who somehow never gets into trouble. Extra points if the nickname rhymes with their name. A nickname for a little feminine girl. We all know that one guy or girl who smiles all the time. A funny nickname for a girl with big boobs. Another nickname for a girl who is not that old, but has a spirit of an old person. Someone without any matters. Someone with a big butt. Someone who, somehow, always manages to get out and disappear. Does this girl know how to escape every situation? A guy who makes strange noises in the bathroom. Someone who fails every time he or she tries to do something. How do they always manage to do the least amount of work possible? This is how you would call someone who always feels lost and knows nothing. A nickname suitable for someone with crazy eyes — or someone with cross eyes. There is always that one guy who does not dress well. Is there anyone who loves nightlife more than this guy? A hilarious nickname for someone with a great body but a shit head Princess:

Funny rhyming nicknames

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This is how you would call a guy with big ears.

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