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The purpose of this section is to educate you about the different types of skin cancer, their causes, and preventive measures you can take; to help you know when to consult a doctor; and to explain the role of our surgeons in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and other skin growths. The West attack is lead by Quarterback David Woods. If ever you see a gray and silver chevrolet coming your way, take cover immediately! Remember, ultraviolet rays pass right through water and clouds, and reflect off sand and snow. As the year goes on they will have many other activities. Drill Team try-outs were held last spring and the following girls were selected.

Freckles gulfport ms

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially between 10 a. Did a dog really walk into Mrs. The regular meetings will be held once a month. The seventh graders have only one loss in five games played. If ever you see a gray and silver chevrolet coming your way, take cover immediately! They also have started on their project to raise money for their Sweetheart Banquet in February. Recognizing Skin Cancer Basal and squamous cell carcinomas can vary widely in appearance. Eight and ninth graders should support the seventh grade team. The first game West played against Pascagoula Central and lost The West ninth graders are coached by David Drye. Types of Skin Cancer By far the most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma. Overdue books found in the book drop are still fined. The primary cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet radiation -most often from the sun, but also from artificial sources like sunlamps and tanning booths. The eight graders are coached by Prince Jones. We will be selling sweat shirts as long as they last so buy one when you can. The procedure may be a simple excision, which usually leaves a thin, barely visible scar. High 9th grade football team has a record of two wins, three lost and two ties. More than , new cases are reported each year-and the incidence is rising faster than any other type of cancer. They have mats out of paper. Rose has got going? Finally, examine your skin regularly. Chuck Guarda takes up the slack in the middle linebacker spot. The Drill Team is under the leadership of captains: The cancer may begin as small, white or pink nodule or bumps; it can be smooth and shiny, waxy, or pitted on the surface. The seventh game was with Pascagoula Colmer again West won, this time the score was The second and third games were tied 0-o with Moss Point and Biloxi Nichols.

Freckles gulfport ms

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A surgeon can surgically remove the growth in a manner that maintains function and offers the most pleasing final appearance- a consideration that may be especially important if the cancer is in a highly visible area. Nita Dedeaux and Brenda Montana.

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