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This is its 4th appearance on this list. S military has known—where can you go wrong? A Parasol For a Chariot: The shot catches Vivian taking a bite out of a croissant just before the shot cuts back to Edward. Yet, a second later, it cuts back to Sandy and—lo and behold—the bottle magically reappears in her hand.

Forrest gump hippie

Who gave Han the jacket? You can see them from previous takes even before the dancers start their prancing. Oh well, bottoms up? It would have actually taken them to Germany. Jaws Steven Spielberg directed this thriller shark film in These two places are more than two miles apart in real life. Sportswear For a Pirate: Pirates of the Caribbean: When next the scene cuts, suddenly the board is completely empty. More so, for some reason, everyone in Ancient Rome has a British accent. Indiewire In the film, Jesus Christ is played by a white actor. It became an immediate summer hit as well as the highest-grossing film of all time until Star Wars was released. Maybe if this film took place years later then such a thing could have actually happened. This classic film is powerful, chilling, severe, thought-provoking, and yes, full of continuity whoopsies. The Red Mark Disappears: It also made millions of dollars and brought the Holocaust into the homes of millions more. A Very Temporary Tattoo: Somehow, the head splits open before the Terminator even fires his weapon. Both of which are visible here. Pulp Fiction Another Quentin Tarantino movie make this list of movie mistakes. A Jacket For Han Solo: Pinterest The length gave producers lots to keep track of. Was it the Force? In this movie, Tom Hanks stars a man who must survive on an island all by himself. The movie and the comics revolve around wars that took place in BC.

Forrest gump hippie

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Forrest Gump: Reencuentro con Jenny en National Mall (Mejores Escenas)

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Malcolm X Denzel Washington played the charismatic and controversial black-power leader in this biopic.

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