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We can fix the panel board and recover it in the leather, vinyl or fabric that would perfectly match the rest of the interior of your car! Why should I have to pay for something that is clearly a defect in the design of so many cars in GM's stable? We also offer designs of two-tone seat covers with optional addition of piping, top-stitch or contrast top-stitch. Colors can be problematic, as well. We can manufacture and install the entire carpet set for your vintage car, including the trunk carpet, from the carpet material of your choice. Installed In Under An Hour. We can restore or repair your seat by installing special materials, padding and foams and shape it the way you prefer. Do not miss the opportunity to give a new look to your old car! The Complete Package We make sure you have everything you need to get the job done easily and as quickly as possible.

Fixing headliner in a car

One thing is certain: Most cars with fabric seat covers do not have seat heaters installed by the manufacturer. A more durable, aesthetically pleasing alternative involves replacing the entire section of fabric on which the damage is located. We've been in business over 25 years specifically replacing headliners, so we know what these products require for high quality results. Let your car interior shine like brand new again. About all this product did was color the cloth and possibly infuse the cloth with some vinyl which I hope will give the cloth some extra strength. New England wheather reminds us that it is a great idea to have a seat heater in your car. Classic, vintage and antique cars: I said Jim Ellis is right around the corner for me and took it there for service. Door panels and especially armrests are the most worn out parts of your car interior. It depends on a couple of things: So I limped the rest of the way home on what felt like two-cylinders. If you consider installing the seat heaters, we recommend that you do it when replacing your seat covers — you will save a lot! Some of the service personnel transferred from the former Saturn of Decatur and that was a somewhat relief since they know these cars better than anybody. Seat Upholstery and Repair: We can install seat heaters in any automobile, and you can choose the heating mode that fits you best: BUT it does not look repaired. Mold has developed pretty extensively all over the foam. At our shop, you can have the seat heaters installed even on the seats with fabric seat covers. Instead of junking your damaged furniture, have it repaired. When done correctly, this sort of do-it-yourself repair works fine if you're not concerned with appearance. We can manufacture seat covers using any material such as vinyl, fabric or leather of any color that you choose. A loaner car was provided and I picked it up Friday. After waiting for about an hour, I was informed I had leak underneath the driver's side panel that was pouring water into the cabin under the carpet. There are many reasons to do that.

Fixing headliner in a car

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Repair Car Headliner

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Click here for our car seat repair service. Most cars with fabric seat covers do not have seat heaters installed by the manufacturer.

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