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Not only had his theory of gender plasticity been dealt a severe blow but Reimer's biography described bizarrely unpleasant childhood therapy sessions, and implied that Money had ignored or concealed the developing evidence that Reimer's reassignment to female was not going well. The patient can be treated at the appropriate time with sex hormones. Each of these defects, by one mechanism or another, results in a loss of androgenic effects on body tissues. With a loss of hypothalamic and pituitary androgen receptors, there is no inhibition of LH secretion. Academics like Georgiann Davis [27] and Morgan Holmes , and clinical psychologists like Tiger Devore [28] argue that the term DSD was designed to "reinstitutionalise" medical authority over intersex bodies, making intersex bodies more treatable and more of a stigma" Holmes.

Female pseudohermaphrodite

They have the same likelihood of a karyotypically XX woman of enjoying sexual pleasure but are unable to biologically reproduce. If the testes disappear during the crucial period between 8 and 10 weeks of gestation , the child is born with ambiguous genitalia, whereas if the disappearance occurs after this key period the individual is born a male but without any testes anorchia. The patient can be treated at the appropriate time with sex hormones. Treatment must be highly individualized. February Main articles: Their hormonal aberrations are dramatic and predictable. Their sexuality homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual etc. Female pseudohermaphroditism If during the first trimester of pregnancy a woman carrying a female fetus is given an androgen , an anabolic steroid , or a progestin a substance with effects similar to those of progesterone , her fetus may be masculinized. Each of these defects, by one mechanism or another, results in a loss of androgenic effects on body tissues. In another extraordinary variant, the lesion lies not in the loss of androgen receptors but rather in the loss of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme necessary for the conversion of testosterone to the more potent hormone dihydrotestosterone. In female infants this results in masculinization with anomalous development of the genital organs, whereas in male infants it results in premature sexual development precocious puberty. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia , also known as adrenogenital syndrome, is a common cause of female pseudohermaphroditism. These individuals have testes, but their genital ducts and external genitalia are female. With a loss of hypothalamic and pituitary androgen receptors, there is no inhibition of LH secretion. Money's defenders have suggested that some of the allegations about the therapy sessions may have been the result of False memory syndrome. They have a strong female orientation, but they do not menstruate. He is the director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society. There then ensues a transition from the psychosocial behaviour of a prepubertal female to that of an adult male. However, Reimer's brother and mother both agreed that the therapy was not "working" in the sense that Reimer wasn't in any way developing a female self-image during his treatment with Dr. Androgen-producing tumours of either adrenal or ovarian origin may also lead to masculinization of a female fetus. Serum LH concentrations are high, leading to stimulation of the Leydig cells and to high serum testosterone concentrations. These persons are often raised as females, but at puberty an increase in testosterone secretion leads to masculinization. Money never publicly stated that his conclusions were incorrect. Despite having testes located either in the labia or within the abdomen, these persons grow into well-proportioned females with normal breasts and scant or absent axillary and pubic hair. See Article History Pseudohermaphroditism, a condition in which the individual has a single chromosomal and gonadal sex but combines features of both sexes in the external genitalia , causing doubt as to the true sex. These women often have primary and secondary sexual characteristics typical of other women; however, they are karyotypically XY and have internal testes, rather than ovaries. Intersex medical interventions and Intersex human rights Surgery is [13] sometimes performed to alter the appearance of the genitals.

Female pseudohermaphrodite

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What Is A Male Pseudohermaphrodite?

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In rare instances, Leydig cells the interstitial cells of the testes are absent or greatly reduced in number, presumably because the receptors for luteinizing hormone LH are defective.

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