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For instance, infamous gangster and henchman Jack McGurn was nicknamed "Machine Gun", obviously for his specialty, but also for the similarity to his last name. She found a bit of both working as an accountant for Al Capone. Apart from their robberies and killings, the legend of Bonnie and Clyde grew in part because of a photo shoot they did near their Joplin, Missouri hideout, images that still inspire re-imaginings of their lives. When she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting ambitions, she met Siegel, for whom she'd soon be lover and courier. Fat Tony This is an obvious name for just about any bigger friend of yours. Vito This is a nickname for pretty much any friend of yours that acts like a gangster. Felony A funny nickname for your rule-breaking friend.

Female mafia nicknames

This is an interesting gangster name for her. In , Hill was found dead in an Austria snowdrift, the victim of an apparent overdose of sleeping pills—although some speculate this too was a hit. The Pretty Pants Bandit Described as an attractive brunette with brown eyes and a habit of carrying two guns , this outlaw known as Marie Baker grabbed headlines in for a string of shop robberies committed by her Pants Gang. Born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, she moved to Chicago to seek fame and fortune. Fat Tony This is an obvious name for just about any bigger friend of yours. Upon her release in , Frechette spun her criminal past into a new career, setting out on a lecture tour called "Crime Does Not Pay. At 19, Arizona Clark married George Barker and the two went on to have four sons: Nicknames for Girls If your friend is a girl and acting like a tough-chick gangster, then you should definitely call her something on this list of gangster nicknames. The two were notorious bank robbers in the "public enemy era" of to , when the exploits of outlaws made them celebrities. Edgar Hoover called her "the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade. Wicked Witch This is a great gangster name for anyone that seems to always have tricks up her sleeves. Still, the money and power was good enough to please her. That summer she, too, was arrested. There are also the Nazi Party and the Skinheads. Bug This is another nickname for a small girl that can get annoying at times. A child of French and Native American descent through the Menominee tribe, she attended Catholic grade school, then went on to graduate from high school. Though organized crime tends to be a boys' club, there have been a slate of deadly women who have broken into its ranks. As far as mafia names and mob names, sometimes Joey or even just Salvatore simply won't do. Very bad things, for example: Mayhaps your unwavering love of garlic mashed potatoes would earn you the nickname, "Willie Potatoes? Shortly thereafter, the other three sons ended up in jail. Wikimedia Commons Idolized and villainized, the American gangster is a character as iconic as the cowboy. This was an ugly, grubby existence, one of; drive-by shootings, gang violence, drug abuse and violence against women. Coon If he is calculating, smart, and sneaky, a nickname of coon is a perfect match. Gangsta rap was losing its voice. When she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting ambitions, she met Siegel, for whom she'd soon be lover and courier.

Female mafia nicknames

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8 Ruthless Female Gangsters

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Even more impressive, she thwarted the invasion of downtown mobsters once the end of Prohibition sent them uptown in search of new revenue.

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