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I would like to set up an independent, non-partisan fund for young Indian artists to travel and expose themselves to the arts across the globe. On the personal front, having been able to raise a child and manage projects in two cities. Do you see changes in terms of art awareness and lifestyle in Gujarat? Well, it certainly gave me the time and space to work. It becomes doubly important, therefore, to ensure that these legacies get preserved, in the face of rampant development. I feel Ahmedabad could thrive more on the strength of art and culture. We have to go. What inspired you to start Arts Reverie?


I think the city is growing exponentially, perhaps too fast. How has Ahmedabad changed? Hopefully, the local authorities will keep a tight check on growth versus infrastructure and facilities. Ruefully, I have accumulated far too much of it on myself! She is an art consultant and promoter, has edited several magazines and is the author of two books—The Waiting Room and India Now I live in Mumbai and shuttle to Ahmedabad. Food, as in all Gujarati homes, was the fulcrum of our lives. Lachko dal and a dry bhakri. We have a home kitchen; the Gujarati thali is a lavish affair that requires time and effort to prepare well. Well, it certainly gave me the time and space to work. Serving home-cooked meals and solitude, Arts Reverie is an ideal home-stay experience and a haven for creative minds in the heart of the city. At age 40, it was a happy re-discovery. We need to encourage collectors and dissuade punters. Though Mehta was brought up in Mumbai, she is equally at home in Ahmedabad. You have a large canvas of life experiences. And, well, the summer heat. I am a pure Gujarati because I am aware of my roots and celebrate them. Flavour food with spices like taj, lavang, jeera, ajwain, kadi patta; avoid packaged masalas and red chilli powder. What are your earliest memories of food at home? If we are speaking of contemporary art awareness, I think it will take a few years for the art scene to buzz. The Arts Reverie agenda is not that of a hotel or a restaurant. The public must be made a stake-holder. Arts Reverie, like many things in my life, was a happy accident. Earlier I lived in Ahmedabad and shuttled to Mumbai. What has been your most satisfying contribution? There is an American breakfast, soups and snacks for lunch and a basic Indian meal for dinner.


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I enjoy gestating and facilitating projects. Olives, Brie, Camembert, good breads, chai with lemon grass.

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