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We were both in pain, and I realize many of the ways I hurt you. Here in the 21st Century. I hope I can learn to be worthy of your love by taking the lessons of this Winter to heart as we move forward. You can keep and bear arms. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


When I changed my name, I wanted to be a better person. As long as their music is released to the intended cult following, all is peaceful. Thank you for what you have done, I love you still, and forgive me. Right now, it is easier for someone to get a gun than a car. Life in Bend is pretty much what I expected. Admittedly, the song does take about three minutes to finally gain momentum but the build-up is worth the wait. More aware, more refined, more confident. You can keep and bear arms. Here in the 21st Century. Posted February 6, by Mike Mineo in Features Feedle Graham Clarke I often sympathize with fans of delicately fuzzy and atmospheric electronic music. There are understandably a large amount of talented artists in who lend their skills toward the glitch-fuzz-electro specification, though their exposure in commercialized media is limited at best. I only now realize the sacrifices you made to help me. But those are the key words: We were both in pain, and I realize many of the ways I hurt you. Part of this introspective period has laid bare that I have quite a few, actually. Our system is broken with a standing army and a militarized professional police force. Over the new melody, a different rhythm section is picked up by the introduction of a brooding distorted guitar. The engaging chanting done in the song is one of the few vocal aspects in Leave Now For Adventure, a primarily ambient album reliant on instrumental vision. With My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai representing the more natural side of guitar-led distortion and innovative pedal effects, the electronic element is where Clarke expresses his greatest form of ingenuity. You are an amazing woman, so vibrant and beautiful, and one of the smartest and most creative people I know. Leave Now for Adventure is bursting full of style and ingenuity, leaving fans of the risky genre quite content. My door is open to all of you, if you wish to knock and enter. Thank you, and I love you still, and someday, at least try to forgive me. To that end, I say with gratitude to all: The solo project of year-old Graham Clarke, the Sheffield-based artist is creating all kinds of buzz with his debut album. Too everyone else, all and sundry:


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The past few months have been good, for the most part. Originally published at feedle dot net.

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