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No matter what I threw at them, or how often I did it, they held. There is no control group to compare it with. If your Shreddies fit correctly, and you ensure that your flatulence passes through the rear panel, all odor will be removed. I feel like a packed musket, I wrote in my journal before going to bed. But with things like this and all the media attention that they are getting, it is great for us, because it starts a conversation. Do fart-filtering underpants actually work?

Fart proof boxers

There were also specific instructions: But when you consume foods high in sulfur — i. No matter what I threw at them, or how often I did it, they held. Long road trips with my boss, the first day of class after being dumped by my girlfriend and hoping the cute girl seated next to me will want to date , massage parlors: And so began the greatest experiment of my life After talking to their media department, Shreddies graciously sent me two pairs to test: While the support boxer was cozy and reliable, I found the hipster to ride up terribly after sitting for a bit. But I was also a little nervous. I went to the grocery store on a Saturday; picked up hamburgers, cheddar cheese, brussels sprouts, chicken, quinoa, black beans, corn, guacamole, and a pack of Corona; and proceeded to pound as much as I could that evening. Love at first sight What I failed to anticipate was just how much this story would change my life. Sure, I let a couple fly — including one attempt on an elevator at work, which has mirrored walls, so I watched all the faces for familiar signs of putrid smell recognition, but no joy. I could be gas-less for weeks. I could eat a steady diet of grilled chicken and Beano. It turns out that smelly flatulence is the result of sulfur, and more specifically, hydrogen sulfide. It was this last part that I enjoyed the most. But the moment I walk onto a plane, I could power any number of offshore wind farms. Or, at least, never stunk up the place in my presence. Taking very deep breaths. This was the oversized one that withstood shot after shot from the British navy; the one that was still standing the next morning, and would go on to inspire Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics to our national anthem. They showed up in a Ziploc bag, with little to no identification, and some direction that warns you should never put them in the dryer, or risk messing up the Zorflex. But if you are thinking of getting these as a useful joke for someone, that is probably the thing that stinks the most about the product. The Zorflex back panel does feel like an extra layer of cloth back there. There is no control group to compare it with. If not for my own entertainment, for the sake of the people forced to be around me. The Shreddies seem to do what they say. Picked a seat in the middle of the room.

Fart proof boxers

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