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Just like yesterday, you told me about the pregnancy. All I ask is this; bring me back a souvenir. As you take this step to continue your education abroad, I pray for success in all your academic endeavours. May this new country gift you lots of opportunities for a better life. That's what makes us human. Have an amazing vacation trip, buy me lots of gifts when you are coming back though, lol… 9.

Farewell message for a friend leaving the country

Elmo's Fire - "Odd how much it hurts when a friend moves away and leaves behind only silence. Have a beautiful time studying abroad. Till we see again, have a safe trip. I expect you to be at your best always. As scary as those test results are, I know you will get through this, farewell and have a safe trip abroad. Not sure quite where and I don't know just when. Shutterstock 1 Success is no accident. I wish you success in all your academic endeavours abroad, goodbye. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Just rest and take all your medication. You have worked so hard, you deserve to rest, have a beautiful vacation abroad. A course of your choice in a university of your choice in this new country you have always raved about. Have a good time. But I never knew that when I looked back on the times I smiled I would cry. No pressure dear, you are going to be alright. I have watched you cry, laugh, get tired and find strength again, all that is ending soon. Written By Olivia Chiemego. I want to thank everyone for the friendships and the time we spent together here. I am grateful for the opportunities we had, and I will have fond feelings when I look back on this time in my life. You have been a big influence in my life. Even though I am leaving, I am sure that you all and I will continue to be successful because of what we have learned from each other. Well have fun for two and have an amazing vacation abroad. Just like yesterday, you told me about the pregnancy. I will miss your beautiful baby bump but not so much, I want to see the baby soon. Nonetheless, I wish you a very safe delivery abroad. I believe in you, make me proud. Have the best of everything this new country has to offer.

Farewell message for a friend leaving the country

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A Farewell Message

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Remember to try out new things on this trip, have fun dear and farewell. It's what we leave behind that's hard.

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