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Though it's definitely the most flexible of body modifications you can get you can always take out a piercing that you don't like, or change the jewellery , it's still a rough choice to figure out what kind of piercing suits you and your lifestyle. However, there's ways of making an eyebrow piercing look a softer, by changing the type of jewellery you use, or the way the piercing is done. Most women and even men get their ears pierced, with girls getting them as young as 11 or 12, or some parents even electing to pierce their child's ear while they're still an infant. Cheek piercings normally talk about two horizontal piercings slightly above and to the side of each side of the mouth. Source You can't get more basic than a standard ear piercing. No matter what age you are, if you wish to experiment with your looks, facial piercings are the right thing for you to do. Septum piercings can be horizontal rings or vertical rings that go through the inner part of the nose. We have specialized articles for many of these piercings under the Piercing World category, if you would like to know more! From the modern age to the stone age, face piercing has always been an art that exuberates beauty, status, dedication, and bravery.

Face piercings for females

You can also get gauges to reveal the inner contents of your mouth. Source Everyone thinks of nose piercings when they think of facial piercings for girls. Medusa's are starting to gain more popularity, and though I don't think they are actually the most feminine-looking piercing, you can definitely make it look more delicate by opting for a smaller stud like the woman in the picture above. Either look dainty, depending on the jewellery chosen. Regardless of which part of the ear you choose to get pierced, you can find dainty jewellery which can give even any pierced area a more unique and delicate look. Nose rings are the most varied of face piercing jewelry. Both horizontal and vertical eyebrow piercings are common, and you should pick one based on what you prefer. As always, thanks for reading! Nose Piercings Double nostril piercings are both edgy and beautiful. There's the "Medusa" which is placed on the upper lip in the philtrum , the Monroe named after Marilyn Monroe and her famous mole , which is placed on either side of the face, off centre from the upper lip, or a regular lip piercing, which is usually done along the bottom lip. I'm really partial to dermals on the collarbone, hips or ring fingers, but you can choose anywhere you'd like to adorn your body with a dermal. Many women want to get piercings, but might be turned off by the stereotype piercings may bring or may be worried that having "too big" of a piercing could distract from their other facial features or even draw too much attention. This type of piercing can be subdivided into labret, lip and lip plate piercings. Be careful with all forms of lip piercings though; the back-disk of the jewellery can wear against teeth and gums and cause long-term damage. As one might expect, the best type of piercing to draw attention to your lips are lip piercings! This type of piercing is done just above or below the eyebrows. Teardrop piercings can be anywhere between the anti-eyebrow area and upper cheek area. Your septum is that middle bar of skin that fades into your jestrum. This article goes over all kinds of face piercings and should be able to help you! A single stud above the upper lip is called a medusa piercing. Almost all stores will sell barbells, which are used for bridge piercings, eyebrow piercings, and many custom vertical piercings on the face. Many cultures use nose rings as a way to show off wealth, so the number of elaborate and over-the-top designs for nose rings should be more than enough to satisfy any need for variety. Women get dermals nearly everywhere, from their collarbone, to their cleavage, backs, ring fingers, and even hip bones. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out the others under the Piercing World category! Getting your nose pierced is like the gateway piercing to other more "daring" piercings.

Face piercings for females

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TOP 10 Facial Piercings

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Even though ear piercings are pretty "basic" you can still find unique and pretty ways and places to pierce your ear.

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