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Hence becoming investment bankers is not a very sound career choice. Sometimes I can get so carried away with an idea that I totally overlook the fact that the other people are not buying into it. Let's imagine for a second that I became a prosecutor Usually, there were several of us on the road together, and it felt like a combat team. At the government, there is too much bureaucracy, checking and re-checking, everything progresses so slowly, and there are too many levels of management. I had to practically explode my brain by learning so much complex law and other subjects in a very short amount of time, but lots of generous people fed me information, and I was given enormous responsibility, with almost total autonomy. However, there are various types of attorneys in the legal system, like that of a corporate attorney, and their job does not involve as much creativity or people-to-people interaction. What would you like to achieve in 10 years?

Enfp lawyer

Hence, it is better to avoid such jobs and take up those that give the person happiness. The above list is a generalized opinion, based on thorough research. It felt like dragging stones through the desert to build the pyramids. This will include the jobs that are monotonous and repetitive, or those that require the person to work under someone's directions. Research has proven that the ENFPs who fall under the 'Investigative' and 'Realistic' theme prefer working with machines; however, even here, it is the analytical and designing phase, which they enjoy the most. I try, but my opinion just sticks out all over me. I am not sure that my dream job exists, but my current position is not it. The reason for this is that if such individuals do not get their creative juices flowing, they can get miserable. Some of the avoidable careers are: Suitable careers for ENFPs include the ones in the artistic domain. Again, a lawyer's job involves interacting with people. But, for ENFPs, the communication skills and customer interaction seem to be a notch higher than what is required for this job. Sitting alone in an office and drafting briefs is something I could handle only once in awhile. How did you get to where you are now? Yes, my goals have changed over time! I never want to work for a law firm again! Since someone's life can depend on an attorney's advice or decision, a caring attitude is essential as well, and both these are the strong traits of an ENFP. Originally Posted by pinkrasputin Now, I just hire lawyers. I went to law school because I found the law interesting. Although it can be scary, I have learned to trust my instincts in a clutch, because they are usually right. This goes to prove that even though such people have it in them to become good engineers, they may or may not be the best. If there was one thing you could change about your ENFP personality type, what would that be? This is because cold calling sales involve a repetitive job profile - calling customers repeatedly, if I might add , establishing connections through telephone or the internet, and continuing the process of telemarketing. Then I did go to work for a law firm, and I discovered how much is based on bringing in business and billing lots of hours, rather than doing top-notch work. I do not have long hours, so I can tend to family responsibilities and pursue outside interests. When I was first out of law school, I really wanted to work for a law firm, because I thought that would determine whether I was really a top-notch lawyer. Look for a job where your insights and creativity will be valued.

Enfp lawyer

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I went to law school because I found the law interesting. Stay away from ISTJs!

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