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You met someone new, and he seems behind amazing. If she doesn't want to settle the other option is for a woman to find a confident and secure man with the high value genes she wants. This hidden reason comes from the male half of the partnership. Yet there is a risk that she won't be able to tie him down and he won't stick around to raise the baby. His ego takes a hit, and it may even decrease his interest in sex. The author makes the case that women have been emasculating men since the beginning of time and that it is driven by a power game over reproduction. This comes from their own insecure and fearful mindset.

Emasculating your man

Women thrive on collaboration. He is the alpha male with the good genes. Here lies the biggest secret to having an incredible relationship: Occasional rejection due to bad timing is totally OK — but habitual rejection, or using sex as reward and punishment, is not. If you are with a girl who seems intent on destroying your self esteem then talk to her about it. The biological clock starts ticking and if she hasn't already found a father for her children a high value woman will find she may have to settle. They cannot live without us. And while most men usually appreciate a girl who gets along with their friends, you should draw some boundaries. I'm not sure that's entirely true. Men don't have this power over women, but women have this power over men. She is empowered, confident and feminine. Then over time he becomes he becomes more insecure and less confident and is moulded into the person his girl wants him to be. Why Emasculation Is Even Possible There is another issue at play here that makes this whole phenomenon possible. Suddenly men who provide are seen as more valuable, even if they are more of the insecure and wimpy type. This isn't necessarily typical behavior of all relationships. As a result, men never know what we need and they cannot provide it. From the mid twenties onwards you will see a shift. Once she hits puberty and develops those attributes there is no going back. Start having honest conversations with your men, telling I'm exactly what would make you happy. Men thrive on solving. Reject his sexual advances one too many times. And when these emasculating behaviors go on for too long Look for a girl who is confident and secure in herself so she doesn't need to play tricks to keep you by her side. Catch yourself before you go into the story of how this or all men are ignorant, unsupportive, unreliable or uncaring. You met someone new, and he seems behind amazing.

Emasculating your man

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Why Do Women Emasculate Men?

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Therefore women are more picky about that man who will impregnate them. And somehow, magically, in a matter of months or even weeks, he turns into a lazy, irritating, stupid childish boy.

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