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The view of the composer as artist also changed. In this act, there is no annihilation or absorption of the creature into God , but God becomes intimately present to the created mind and this, enlightened by special illuminations, contemplates with ineffable joy the Divine essence. The heritage of apophatic theology can be seen in Karl Barth and the Neo-Orthodoxy he helped birth. The remainder of this program will include two large commissioned works, both enjoying world premieres. All of them take an unorthodox approach to the theology of God and prayer. Here fraternity precedes the commonness of a genus. Perhaps inevitably, such a hermetically closed system of composition provoked reactions that moved the aesthetic pendulum violently to the extreme opposite position. The others that obsess me in the other do not affect me as examples of the same genus united with my neighbor by resemblance or common nature, individuations of the human race, or chips off the old block


One's consciousness, for example, is not self-enclosed, as one can be conscious of an Other person, who falls well outside one's own self. In place of intelligent thought Pseudo-Dionysius taught mindless, contemplative prayer: On these principles, the Christian school of Alexandria opposed the true gnosis based on grace and faith to the Gnostic heresies. The rising tide of academicism notwithstanding, this basic attitude on the whole dominated the European scene more or less consistently from then on. The Romantic composer viewed himself basically as a poet who manipulated musical sounds instead of words. Auflage, Band 5, Berlin , S. From myein, to initiate. That this symphony managed nevertheless to maintain itself in the concert repertoire , on the other hand, demonstrates the extent to which the best among the German composers compensated for obvious weaknesses in handling motivic development by sustaining above all constant harmonic interest. But the Swiss theorist Henricus Glareanus , writing 70 years later, explicitly preferred natural talent to the most exquisite craftsmanship. The result was a harmonically oriented, yet polyphonically animated, texture that was to affect both instrumental and vocal ensemble music for generations. Both Lisa and Josh will be joining us for our anniversary concert weekend! Historical sketch In his "History of Philosophy", Cousin mentions four systems, between which, he says, philosophical thought has continually wavered, viz. With respect to social function, Beethoven was actually the first musician of stature to achieve emancipation in the sense that his work reflected, with relatively few exceptions, purely personal artistic concerns. Still, there are those who try to transform the burdens of history into significant new forms of composition. Living in increasingly automated societies, the post-Webern composers soon discovered total serialism , a manner of composition in which all musical parameters follow numerical rules laid down in the course of what has been called the precompositional process. It is thus hardly surprising that opera, whose extramusical connotations had in the past been responsible for some of the most daring stylistic innovations , rapidly incurred the disfavour of progressive composers. Pseudo-Dionysius does speak to us but he does so out of silence by way of negation. She asserted the limits of human reason: Just as he integrated diverse compositional techniques, Wagner also achieved a balance of musical and poetic elements so perfect that critics, both favourable and unfavourable, have never ceased to be puzzled by its aesthetic implications. By the former, he says, we know God , not in His nature, but through the wonderful order of the universe , which is a participation of the Divine ideas "De Divinis Nomin. Whatever may be thought of this classification, it is true that Mysticism has exercised a large influence on philosophy, becoming at times the basis of whole systems, but more often entering as an element into their constitution. During the ensuing 19th century the rapid institutionalization of musical education in the image of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, created while the French Revolution was still raging, added further to the academic systematization of all musical studies along lines that have essentially remained in force. They made a distinction between reason and faith , philosophy and theology ; they acknowledged the aspirations of the soul , but, at the same time, they emphasized its essential inability to penetrate the mysteries of Divine life. Others, such as Charles Ives in the United States and, under the impact of South American popular music , Darius Milhaud in France, transcended traditional tonality by writing polytonally in two or three keys simultaneously. This performance will be the world premiere of the mixed chorus version of this work.


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Is there truly possible a union of our reason and will with God more intimate than that which we possess through created things?

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