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Clive Ready Racing looks at what is left of the sun-roof — nothing! A lot of us that invested money in vehicles have a challenge now. He explained that laying down the traction compound is really the start of the process. Boss — Mi no know wha happen! However, Mike Henry, former transport minister, now operating without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, had ordered its closure as the Government plans to redevelop the complex as an aerodrome this year.

Drag racing in jamaica

He says the NDRC wants drivers to unwittingly help make the track faster. So we anticipate that we will be able to host at least one event at the Ken Jones facility before the end of the year after it goes through all of the various regulatory bodies. A high boost we seh! Brinn Morgan — the humble genius, chilling on his self-shifting rocket. What is wrong with this picture is what makes it right! Vernamfield, this Sunday Drag Challenge 2! Guess who was soaking up the brilliant sunshine? We want you to race at Vernamfield, not on the roads," Gunter said. We are closing out 59 years of racing activity at Vernam Field, and it is really humbling. Machine went out — left the line when Verdayne gave the green light and despite the audible play with the throttle — several times — machine cruised to 8. It was a day at the beach for the BadBreed Racecraft machine. He explained that laying down the traction compound is really the start of the process. Gunter is predicting that all will be set for the first race meet and the blistering times seen last year will be history. The NDRC has been treating the track with traction compound over the last few meets and Gunter says they have progressively moved from the starting area to a couple feet. Dean Shaw, a veteran of the track, said he is disappointed at what he sees as a lack of vision shown by the Government. To see Vernam close, I'm kinda worried about where drag racing is going. Blame it on laughing gas, it has that — bring out the kid in me — effect! He blazed through the quarter mile in 7. Rain falls every day in Portland. The drag racing event-promoting and executing bar was raised to stratospheric heights in March and on Sunday May 18, the NDRC will deliver another ace from its deck of drag racing cards! Drag racers have pride at stake — We nah tek no chek! Vernam is so convenient, and we have a lot invested in the cars, so we don't know what we're gonna do right now. I heard they were planning something for Portland, and that makes no sense at all. My father used to race there. We are now working authorisation for our main events.

Drag racing in jamaica

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Drag Racing

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