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Girl, your bone structure is giving my bone structure. You smell like trash. A you a farmer? Do you want to have great sex? With that in mind, we are pleased to present the top 10 dirtiest pick-up lines guaranteed to earn a suitor one hell of a slap — on the face, and then on the ass.

Dirtiest pick up lines

If you look that good in clothes, you must look even better out of them. Are you going to eat that? Hump is the subject today, would it be a noun or a verb when you put it on me? If you play your cards right and can keep your cool, you may very well be hitting the Jackpot continuously with these dirty pick up lines. Darn, it must be an hour fast. Are you free tonight or will it cost me? Consider this your warning to behave wisely when using these pick-up lines. Because you got that ass ma! You'll soon find out. Don't you love the taste of dirty pick up lines in the morning? Roses are red, pickles are green, I like your legs and what's in between! Baby, you're like a championship bass. Want to invite your pants down? How about you sit on my lap and we'll see what pops up? When I look into them my nuts tighten. Of course, you should only try this if your girlfriend has a sense of humor and knows how to reply to your dirty advances to her, because this way, things can be really amusing. I was about to go masturbate and I needed a name to go with your face. I may not have gotten your virginity, but can I at least have the box it came in? Can I sleep in yours? Could I touch your belly button. My face is leaving in fifteen minutes. For Harry Potter fans: Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed. You see my friend over there? Shall I hold them for you? A you a farmer? Just ask a woman.

Dirtiest pick up lines

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Other than that, you will fail and all women you try this on will simply consider you a pervert. You know how your hair would look really good?

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