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Opponents and supporters packed a Senate committee hearing for the first public hearing of the most high-profile issue before the Legislature this session. Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island, that she would cast the 25th and deciding vote in favor of the issue came as hundreds of people filled the Capitol to advocate for and against gay marriage. And might we say that we feel these designs, designed by your friendly neighborhood Captain, embodies all aspects of our identities. It was first posted to her Facebook account. We were all a tight-knit community of sites back then, linking to each other through pride webrings.

Diarrhea lesbian

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea These STIs are caused by bacteria, which can infect the cervix, rectum, throat and urethra. Transgender flags in use today[ edit ] There are several flags used and endorsed by the varying transgender individuals, organizations and communities. Keeping your vagina healthy The vagina is self-cleansing, so there's no need to wash inside it douching. Opponents and supporters packed a Senate committee hearing for the first public hearing of the most high-profile issue before the Legislature this session. In its early stages, syphilis is extremely infectious and can be passed on by close skin contact during sex. Symptoms include painful blisters and ulcers around the genital area, although some women may have no symptoms. There have even been, and continue to be, alternatives to these flags suggested. AP — As lawmakers held their first public hearing on legalizing same-sex marriage, a previously undecided Democratic senator on Monday announced her support for the measure, all but ensuring that Washington will become the seventh state to allow gay and lesbian couples to get married. Read more about thrush. Some women don't have any symptoms. Helms describes the meaning of the transgender pride flag as follows: Hell, who knows, maybe it just might catch on and Cpt. Chris Gregoire publicly endorsed the proposal earlier this month. It acts as a barrier to help prevent sexually transmitted infections passing from one person to another. It is treated with antibiotics. Genital herpes This is caused by a virus, which can spread if you have vaginal, anal or oral sex, or share sex toys. In , San Francisco trans man Johnathan Andrew, under the moniker of "Captain John" on his female-to-male trans website "Adventures in Boyland", designed and published a flag for those within the transgender community that identify as trans. Read more about genital warts. About 43 percent of respondents said they support gay marriage, up from 30 percent in the same poll five years earlier. When used correctly, condoms protect against unintended pregnancy and STIs. Willis created it as a symbol to represent the higher levels of discrimination, violence and murder that the black trans community face in contrast to the larger transgender movement. Women with genital warts do not need more regular smear tests than those without them. Read more about genital herpes. In the middle is a white circle, representing unity within the community. A dental dam is a latex or polyurethane very thin, soft plastic square, of about 15cm by 15cm, which you can use to cover the anus or female genitals during oral sex. The Senate set up three overflow areas for the public, including the public gallery on the Senate floor.

Diarrhea lesbian

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Read about how to keep your vagina clean.

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