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We all have the capacity to reach that plane of existence if we start with a foundation of emotional intelligence. Carrying the past into the present escalates the conflict but rarely helps us get our needs met. Breathe into the feeling. Despite inevitable differences in finances, education, physical beauty or IQ , your deep and unassailable self-talk must be, I am not above you or beneath you. They nurture us, teach us and connect us to the soul of others, and most significantly, to the depth of our very own souls. Our ability to feel these emotions and empathize with others as they experience them is what keeps us connected. Then, express your needs in ways that maximize the probability of getting them met.

Deepak chopra relationships

We all have an inherent impulse to resist demands, whereas our self-esteem is raised when we are able to fulfill requests. The emotional intelligence that is unique to each of us can be recaptured, rekindled and more highly developed if we acknowledge its potential and significance and incorporate three components into our daily activities: Define and describe the feeling as clearly as possible. The alternative is to look beyond the obvious differences and seek common ground. Treat yourself to favorite music, a wonderful present or a delicious meal. This critical first step will allow you to truly experience love and emotional compassion. As infants, we had caregivers continuously trying to figure out what we needed. My relationships are based on equality Relationships based upon inequality may survive but will never thrive. As humans, we share a common set of emotions—we all can relate to feelings of anger, sorrow, pride and joy. Most people envision an ideal intimate relationship based upon shared interests, open communication, mutual nurturing, and passion. Observe closely and allow your attention to stay on the sensation. As we feel increasingly confident that we can get our emotional needs met in a relationship, we can spend more time celebrating, rather than lamenting, our lives and our loves. If you listen to the wisdom of your heart, it will guide you into higher expressions of love. I choose being happy over being right If you engage in a win-lose orientation, there will be times when you experience the fleeting exhilaration of winning an argument, as well as the temporary frustration of losing. It comes to us secondhand. This aspect of our humanity is the mirror of relationships. Identify what you want that you are not getting. Experiment to discover what works best. When we feel that our needs are being met, we experience feelings of comfort. Emotions are released to restore balance in our psyches. Understanding that you have a choice in how you respond to and interpret your experience is the key to healing the emotional body. Take responsibility for what you are feeling. This month, international mind-body health authorities and renowned medical doctors Deepak Chopra and David Simon, cofounders of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, share some practical steps to create and maintain emotional balance and freedom in our relationships. We are different expressions of the same underlying being and are therefore of equal value. All emotions can be reduced to two primary feelings—those of comfort and those of discomfort. Dance with abandon, exercise deep breathing, go for a run, get a massage. We demonstrate our priorities by how much of these vital ingredients we are willing to give.

Deepak chopra relationships

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Before blaming the other person, search your heart and see what you might be able to think, say, or do differently to shift the dynamics. We formed our boundaries by reacting to theirs.

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