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Was it not you after all that made the remark that set them off? They will go straight for the weakest points and they have no problem fighting dirty either. An injury can be a real threat or a perceived threat. The effect is to keep people dependent on the narcissist. Or all of a sudden they decide that they don't like something and it sets them off. Narcissists are also inconsistent in their responses in general. The rages are often confined to one situation. Coping with this situations can be very tricky.

Dealing with narcissistic rage

This allows the narcissist to maintain the persona of being friendly, helpful, a wonderful person to those outside while only the family gets to see the real creature. Meeting the challenge is always a bad idea. You need to read the signs carefully when taking action, in order not to further escalate the situation and put yourself in danger. Remember, narcissists create a dependency in their victims so that the whole world of the partner or child revolves around the narcissist. Some narcissists will even throw rages for no reason other than to show who's boss! If you are looking for techniques to manage these situations, or ways to help the person with narcissistic disorder to change, please give it up! Woe betide anyone who challenges their behavior. That means they perceive themselves as superior, perfect, beyond criticism. The fact is that anyone who crosses swords with a toxic person will be labeled a threat, and will therefore become a target. And they become part of a vicious cycle, where the victim believes they are to blame for the rages, and so they try to be on their best behavior around the narcissist. I know that may sound cheesy, but retreating to a safe place in your mind can help you to not take on the toxicity as much. The result is that the partners of narcissists or the children of a controlling mother become very sensitive to the moods of the narcissists. This is why I maintain that the rages are manipulative and are part of the mind control narcissists use. They have a huge but fragile ego, an inflated self-esteem and live in a world where, for all intents and purposes, they see themselves as perfect and expect others to live up to their ideals. Just after I got engaged, my mother was planning all the things that she could provide for the wedding. That brought on two months of the silent treatment. Secondly, being a target of these rages is destroying you. Realize that this is their issue, not yours. Like we said, toxic people seldom want to show their rage in public, so meeting with outsiders in earshot will go a long way in preventing an outburst. She would begin to scream and her words would be like arrows piercing every part of my body and soul. It trains those around narcissists how to make decisions and how to behave. Still when used in the right way, it can be helpful to find a solution to a problem or unveil valuable insights. But both of these things can be devastating to the person on the receiving end. Once any comments are made that oppose this need and believe, war breaks out. Forms of narcissistic rage The narcissistic rage can vary from giving the cold shoulder to full blown violent episodes.

Dealing with narcissistic rage

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Dealing with the anger after narcissistic abuse

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The result is that the partners of narcissists or the children of a controlling mother become very sensitive to the moods of the narcissists. Meeting reality However, now and then their power is challenged, or someone criticizes them, or a partner asks for their own needs to be put before that of the narcissist, or someone questions the entitlement of the narcissist.

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