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The Partridge Family never cracked the top 10 in TV ratings, but the recordings under their name, mostly featuring Cassidy, Jones and session players, produced real-life musical hits and made Cassidy a real-life musical superstar. Has lyrics and liner notes. February Bell Records Catalog number: Cassidy's appeal faded after The Partridge Family went off the air, although he continued to tour, record and act over the next 40 years. Bell Hit No. The Puppy Song Released: In his life, Cassidy endured personal and financial troubles. He made occasional stage and television appearances during his career, including an Emmy-nominated performance on Police Story.

David cassidy singles

T-shirts, boxes of cereal, posters, comic books, dolls. Rock Me Baby Released: Bell Mabel 4 Released only in England and Europe. I was her biological father but I didn't raise her," he told People magazine in Andrew Shaw Cassidy himself was estranged from his father. David Cassidy's parents split up when he was five and he would long express regret about Jack Cassidy, who soon married Shirley Jones, being mostly absent from his life. Has liner notes and lyrics. Cassidy had two children, musician Beau Cassidy and actress Katie Cassidy, with whom he acknowledged having a distant relationship. October Bell Records Catalog number: He went on to become a paramedic and a police officer. Rock Me Baby Released: The writer was Tony Romero, who also wrote songs for dozens of people but never had a hit bigger than this one not to mention all the cover versions. French issue Bell has brownish green sleeve with purple letters and a purple photo of David from the first season of the Partridge Family. Bell Sleeve uses same picture as Cherish sleeve. Spain sleeve Bell has green and orange day-glo colors and orange-tinted picture of David. Has liner notes and lyrics. Bell Hit No. Using the TV show as leverage as we say with The Monkees and Ricky Nelson before that , eight Partridge Family albums were released in just three years not counting a greatest hits album in , three of which cracked the Top in America. In the s David Cassidy had a hugely successful singing career. May Bell Records Catalog number: German sleeve Bell has green border with closeup picture of David. Davy Jones Davy was the cute one in The Monkees, the little English guy whose character was designed to appeal to all of the girls. February Bell Records Catalog number: British issue Bell had Cherish as B-side. Spanish issue has same cover as the Rock Me Baby album.

David cassidy singles

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The writer was Tony Romero, who also wrote songs for dozens of people but never had a hit bigger than this one not to mention all the cover versions.

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