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He then presents several humorous, fictional "facts. Announcements Some examples of announcements include "Late Show Reminders" advising viewers to set their VCR for an "upcoming" episode featuring guests that have already appeared earlier that very night , "contest winners" such as a supposed "My Pet Looks Like Dave" contest , and promotions for "all-new" episodes of old CBS shows, such as Jake and the Fatman. The videos are presented in a mock romance-drama style, with a soundtrack of emotional pop songs. The staff says the viewers can call or email them if they want to get rid of Jeter's mansion, but the audience loves it the repetition and the nature of the "error". In his first appearance, he encouraged Letterman to act as his "wingman" at a bar after the show. Invariably, it turns out the guest booked for "Celebrity Interview", who is seated next to Kalter, has already appeared on the show as the first or second guest earlier that night. A regular category is "Know Your Cuts of Meat ", which itself consists of five categories: Roosevelt 's inaugural speech "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" and John F. Occasionally, a weather reporter from an actual CBS affiliate will also deliver a pre-recorded fake weather tease.

Dave and busters chattanooga

Alan Kalter[ edit ] Announcer Alan Kalter was frequently used in comedy bits, often with Kalter as the butt of the joke: On his February 17, appearance, several stations on the eastern time zone shut off their analog signals at He has acknowledged that while the segment is not popular with the Late Show staff, he insists on continuing it for his own amusement. The Quiz Machine[ edit ] During the mids a frequent Late Show routine was The Quiz Machine, a large device wheeled out onto the stage, which progressively got bigger and more advanced as weeks went on. The Guy Who Beats Up Alan In one recurring gag, Kalter will make a statement on a particular topic, only to have a large man appear from nowhere and object to Kalter's comments. Letterman then concurred with Shaffer. He then writhes on the ground groaning and acting as if in serious pain. He addresses the camera, indirectly explaining the incident by imparting advice such as "Women on the street don't like to be called 'Candy Pants. Dave then returns to his original bit. Kennedy 's inaugural speech "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". One of the most notable and well-worn bits from this segment was a video clip of then-candidate Bush whispering despite an open lavalier microphone to Dick Cheney that a reporter was a "major league asshole", to which Cheney chuckled back "Oh, big time. Bush" A slide show with the time of day indicated on each slide, accompanied by a humorous caption, such as "4: The segment often begins with Letterman presenting a few real facts to set up the premise although they are often of a humorous nature in their own right and are mistaken by some audience members as made-up. The last airing of the sketch involving Bush was January 16, four days before the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Since returning from the hiatus caused by the — Writers Guild of America strike , however, these segments now usually feature a Kalter voice-over promoting future guests, concluded by a phrase such as "Get your VCRs ready! Derek Jeter 's mansion, which, according to the staff, is horrendous, is shown repetitively when Letterman calls for a picture to be seen. Microscopic Sea Creature, David Letterman! She then stands silently as Letterman attempts to proceed with the show. Since then, the man portraying Keyes actor Roger Rathburn has sporadically appeared, enthusiastically announcing other food item giveaways and lavish prize drawings. These segments often feature a segment with Shaffer in character as Carnac the Magnificent , another Carson carryover. He then storms out of the theater and pummels pages along the way. In the skit's later occurrences, Kalter would sometimes rip off his shirt as he sang revealing a pale and flabby physique , while adding a manic and deranged tone to his performance. He always has called Dave by the name of "Jim". When the individual has completed their portion, they are given a gift certificate to a local restaurant as well as random gift items. Dave will look to the camera to his left and read a fake news headline with an ostensibly disingenuous smile and cheery demeanor. The interview segments usually involve the two wearing the outlandish costumes they don in the clip.

Dave and busters chattanooga

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Tennessee at Dave & Busters

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A pre-selected audience member requests an obscure song from the CBS Orchestra, which then performs a humorous pre-scripted song based only on the title of the requested song often a parody of a more popular song.

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