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I've tried to break up with him several times but have failed in doing so. If they do, you would have to deal with the guilt of inflicting emotional pain on his spouse and kids, besides hurting yourself. Focus on your career and try to keep yourself busy with activities that interest you. Unless he divorces his wife right away, you just don't know how long you will wait. Even more difficult can be living with the bitter truth that you are sharing him with his wife.

Dangers of dating a married man

Guilt Issues You don't know the nature of his relationship with his wife. This means he has been dishonest with his wife. The challenges ahead Dating a married man has a likelihood of being a failure and leading to a dead end, if he's not even contemplating on leaving his wife. But she said she wasn't in love with me. If they do, you would have to deal with the guilt of inflicting emotional pain on his spouse and kids, besides hurting yourself. Owing to their experience, married men understand the emotional needs and desires of women better than their single counterparts. My husband is usually not in town as work keeps him busy. You basically will live according to his whims. Dr Kamal Khurana, a marriage and relationship counselor explains, "Women who fall for married men are usually seeking attention and emotional support. It is important to evaluate and assess the benefits and drawbacks of such a relationship. Don't forget the reality that he is married. Melissa Morang According to an article in Psychology Today magazine, two out of every five men has had an affair by the age of Nov 23, , A man who truly loves you would not want you to go though countless sacrifices just to be with you. During the relationship, you may also feel hurt, angry or anxious because your boyfriend is involved with another woman who has a legal claim to his attention and time -- his wife. The loneliness can cause you to feel depressed as you realize how much you have sacrificed to stay in this relationship with him. Don't do anything which you will repent. What kind of person takes up with someone else while still married? Focus on your career and try to keep yourself busy with activities that interest you. Further, WebMD explains that while most women seek out affairs for emotional connection and validation, many married men prefer to keep extramarital relationships physical rather than becoming close emotionally. Moreover, if he is cheating on his wife to be with you, what's going to stop him from cheating on you? In an article for "Psychology Today," psychiatrist Mark Goulson points out that when you date a married man, you are helping him betray his wife as he turns against the promises he made when he married her. We work in the same office. As the old adage goes, it's better late than never to make a new beginning. Even if he is actually thinking about filing a divorce, you would still have to live with the guilt of being responsible for ruining a family. Since married men seem to be more experienced and mature, they get attracted towards them.

Dangers of dating a married man

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