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This is a movement where the body flows in a snake type movement starting from the chest moving up. Unlike the modern Foxtrot, the man often opens his feet and steps are regular. Cuddle A dance position in which partners are facing, the man's hands are loosely on the sides of the woman's waist or on her lower back, and the woman's hands are on the man's shoulders, neck, or face. Cues can also be directed to both, for instance, if you are in open position, and cues can be directed to each e. If the dance is a choreographed routine, as in round dancing, the lead is still responsible for initiating each move, which ensures smooth coordination between the two dancers.

Dance terminology az

Inside Foot The foot nearest the partner when not directly facing partner or directly facing away. This is without a hip roll. This dance has developed in North America in the twenties. Like in hop scotch… Jazz Drag: Cuban Action or Motion Move hips side and back as you step. Figure 8 Move on the floor in such a way that your path forms the shape of the numeral "8. This requires a fluidity and grace to make it look natural and not awkward. One shoulder moves forward while the other moves back and is done really fast in a shake. It is a traveling step. This type of dance is based on performing very difficult acrobatic figures, requiring considerable skills of strength, agility, coordination, deftness, flexibility and endurance. Experimentation leads to the research of a different daily body and idealization of the perfect body created by the tradition of academic classical ballet. It is a graceful "knee" and then "kick. Hold - A beat of music during which no step is taken. Again, it is "progression" that is stopped, not all movement. The music was catchy, appealing, and the ease with which you could dance did everything else. Face fc The direction toward which the front of the body is turned e. Cues Abbreviated instructions, written by a choreographer in a cue sheet or spoken by a cuer during the dance to help dancers remember a dance routine. You give a little jump up with one knee in the air, and as soon as you kit the ground the other leg whips into a high kick. Today, we step straight forward or back see "parallel foot position". Edge The inner or outer side of the foot. This style is extremely simplified compared of the romantic majesty and it ensures that the movement of the dancers return to be the main communication vehicle of the artistic ballet. Develope Bring either foot up the supporting leg to the outside of the supporting knee and then extend that free foot forward. Often it is more gentle and elegant to power the hop not with extension of the supporting leg but with a slight lift of the free knee. A good and toned frame, along with proper position of the lower body hips, legs, and feet good posture is essential for good balance, clear lead and follow, smooth movement — essential for good dancing. A forward step may be taken, "heel-flat. Usually the hook does not involve a weight change—one will step during the following action e.

Dance terminology az

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This dance comes from a traditional Russian song.

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