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Stoicism primer and resources. The science is truly the best weapon in the fight for greater public adoption of meditation. Murrow Award for his reporting on a young Iraqi man who received the help he needed in order to move to America, and in won an Emmy Award for his "Nightline" report, "How to Buy a Child in Ten Hours. He has traveled around the globe for ABC News, embedding with an isolated Amazonian Indian tribe, questioning drug lords in the lawless slums of Rio, and confronting the head of Philip Morris International over the sale of cigarettes to Indonesian minors. Other ventures[ edit ] On March 1, , it was announced that Harris would become the host of the game Questions , replacing Richard Quest.

Dan harris abc news

And you have largely done the same for meditation. My career has been guided by a motto bequeathed to me by my dad, who is a successful academic physician: He is also a frequent contributor to World News. Or as the Buddhists put it, the obstacle is the path. Harris has been honored several times for his journalistic contributions. Why do you think it provoked such a strong reaction? Stoicism primer and resources. In fact, I still believe the price of security is insecurity. Harris first joined ABC News in March and has covered many of the biggest stories in recent years. Some readers might be surprised to learn that a big part was driven by a panic attack you had on national television? Dan is also the author of his new book, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics , which is out now. He scored one of the first interviews with former pastor Ted Haggard after his sex and drugs scandal. I naively assumed that if I made the practice relatable and aspirational, people would automatically start doing it. It went to 1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List, and then became an app, designed to teach meditation to skeptics, and a podcast, talking with smart people about whether there's anything beyond 10 percent. The number one stumbling block appears to be finding the time. In October , he was named a co-anchor for Nightline , succeeding Bill Weir. In the book, Harris recounts how—with the help of various mental health professionals, religious leaders, self-help gurus, and news industry mentors—he stopped using drugs cocaine and Ecstasy , discovered the benefits of meditation, and resolved the apparent conflict between meditation-induced equanimity and the aggressive competitiveness required for success as a TV-news journalist. What would be your reply to someone who lives in the West and struggles with balancing their more Western ambitious and worldly goals and the spirituality and detachment more prominently found in Eastern philosophy. And perhaps, what are the ineffective approaches that do not work for those subject matters? Turns out, meditation does not require you to abandon all stress. Enjoy our interview with Dan Harris below! He received an Edward R. Turns out, habit formation is a great deal trickier than I had anticipated. He was raised in Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, and currently lives in New York City with his wife, Bianca, and their young son, Alexander, and three cats. Preliminary studies suggest the practice can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and rewire parts of your brain that regulate focus and compassion. How should they balance these two different approaches?

Dan harris abc news

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I do occasionally experience moments of stillness in meditation.

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