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This was lampshaded in an old "Anime Insider" magazine, which featured a match-up pitting Fuu against Excel and Hyatt in an eating contest. Many shows have DID girls who go through Hell and back, but remain sweet and nice and without many psychological marks because many writers won't know what to do. And if all this fails to elicit the response she wants, she then goes ahead and kills herself or at least attempts suicide to reap some regrets after her death. She remains courageous to the point where she can confront Selim Bradley about his secret identity as the homunculus Pride, and then use her position as a hostage to prevent him from killing her on the spot. Aura's kidnapping is the drive behind most of volume 2 and 3 of Corsair , however, being a Plucky Girl she doesn't act overly distressed about it or her impending execution, and when Ayace finally shows up to rescue her, her reaction is: Although in this instance Hilmuka only wanted to draw Jordy's attention, and she let Chururu go when he found them. Exploited with Tsubaki Kasugano aka the 6th, who pretends to be one so she can gain Yukiteru's trust via The Dulcinea Effect and keep him away from Yuno.

Damsel in disress

However, in a bit of an out-of-character moment, she invokes the trope once to lure out Dark Yugi in one of the manga's early chapters, putting herself in danger with the Playing Card Bomber. Though Sonia is unbearably cheerful, worshiping Griffith as the messiah when he is anything but so her actually dying would be no big loss. Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi. She is, after all, the damsel in distress waiting for her knight or mother to come to her rescue. Casca in youth was saved from a rapey nobleman by Griffith horribly ironic later. A good number of the other girls fall prey to this throughout the series, and the entire female cast winds up like this in the second tie in movie. Nami is normally rescued by the three strongest males on the crew Luffy, Zoro and Sanji frequently and only learned how to defend herself in the Alabasta arc where she given a weapon by Usopp a storm summoning lighting rod called "Clima tact" turning her into a fighter, but she continues to be kidnapped anyway, turning her into a Faux Action Girl at best. She jokes around with Lawrence about him liking meek women he could comfort, and enthusiastically play-acts the part for him in jest. Nami the resident Gold Digger and navigator of the "Strawhats Pirates" has been kidnapped and rescued more times than anyone on board the crew even more than Usopp and Chopper she is abducted usually because of her good looks and her superior navigation skills. The Maiden is also motivated by her love for new experiences. In A Bride's Story , Mr. Considering how most of the kidnappings were all just random encounters, you wonder why she wasn't more concerned with separating from them. She actually had the power to break through Zagato's prison all the time And always wants someone to be there to catch her if she falls. The freedom to express and be who she is. Endless Waltz even showing her Guile Hero chops by turning the first instance into a massive payoff. Videl angrily confronts Gohan yelling at him that he didn't show up sooner to save her, Goten and Trunks look on confused saying "that's love I guess.. Though, being a comedy show, it's played for laughs and he rarely gets rescued since the protagonists will usually get lost or caught up in something else. Exploited with Tsubaki Kasugano aka the 6th, who pretends to be one so she can gain Yukiteru's trust via The Dulcinea Effect and keep him away from Yuno. Unfortunately, the rest of the team is unaware of this, as Asuna is replaced by a doppelganger, and Anya is MIA to begin with. After that she ends up being more or less mind controlled by Sophia aka the First Whispered Ever, but that's a bit of a different matter. These cases are rare though, as she's stronger than her husband. Vivi acknowledges that she isn't strong but still tries her best to save her county, Rebecca due to a promise she made to her mother and her father Kyros making sure she doesn't bloody her hands ever teaches her Deadly Dodging but this doesn't hold up when Domflamingo comes in to ruin Rebecca's day. Cho Kanan, Lirin, and Yaone all hold their own separate moments in Saiyuki. See the Animated Films page.

Damsel in disress

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Maria and Rain Mikamura barely escape with their lives from the battlefield and, as punishment, Maria is sent back to Neo France until the Neo Hong Kong arc. It takes Orihime almost a year to fully get over the horrible effects of her imprisonment.

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