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Sometimes, you needn't have to rack your brains; your girlfriend might herself tell you what she wants to be called. Want to get to know her a little better? The Fairest of Them All — Another one for fairy tale loving girls, this time with a twist of darkness. Buttercup Buttercup is a great nickname to give to the friend of yours that is as sweet as a buttercup. Misty Misty is a great nickname for someone who is similar to the character from Pokemon meaning she has red hair, but it can also be used to describe someone who cries easily. Usually used on someone with a big personality. Pick any name according to what your girl loves, acceptance guaranteed. By keeping these things in mind, here we have listed top unique nicknames to call your girlfriend. It also suits the girl who is as perfect as Barbie.

Cute nicknames for your best girl friend

Brown Eyes Friends who have brown eyes may be given this name. Sweetness — No nickname can beat this one up. Rum-Rum Usually given to someone who likes to indulge in the alcoholic beverage of rum. All the nicknames above are filled with love. It shows how special and unique she is and how important she is to him. Kitty Someone with feline type features or traits should be called Kitty as a nickname. While some of them can be called out in public, others can be uttered only when you two are alone at home. Diamond Diamond works as a nickname on people with outstanding personality. Sprinkles- She is colorful, fun and happy. Precious Someone with a delicate attitude and who is very beautiful can be given this name. Wherever she is, that place will be brightened up with her smiles. Love Bug — For when your girlfriend clings to your love with unwavering relentlessness. Avoid picking names from TV shows and books. Lamb- If she is as adorable as a sweet little lamb. Daisy- If she is delicate like a flower. Butter Scotch — For a girl who is multiracial. G The original member or founder of your friend group can be called the O. Mamacita Another way of calling someone a mama. List of cute nicknames for girls you meet or to call your girlfriend: Every girl wants her guy to be Mr. Sparkly Eyes — Girlfriends love it when you take notice of their eyes. It was popularly used back when Myspace was popular. It was used on another hot doctor, but this doctor was more of player than a romantic. Darling — Another old-fashioned one, this one carries with it a depth she may appreciate. Honey Love — A unique take, this one also carries with it feelings of a deep connection. Cuddles shows that you always wish to stay beside her. Knockout A man famous for his punch can be called Knockout.

Cute nicknames for your best girl friend

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Old Man Use this name on the oldest person in your group.

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