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Needs a wheel, you can use a wheel from a wheel barrow or a cushman wheel. We used big vintage Fender tube amps. It was in my neighbors back yard woods. I do recommend tube amps though. There is an id plate on it see pics. I try not to read too much commentary online because the internet is simply not a reliable source of information; instead I bought hundreds, maybe thousands of old issues of Television and Radio Repair, AUDIO magazine, the AES Journal, etc. Just wanted to send you an update of my Allstate trailer.

Craigslist tweed heads

The bearings have been serviced. It has one large hole in the passenger rear corner about 2 inch in diameter. Please let me know if you are still interested in one or more of the badges. It had a parasitic oscillation problem that literally took a year to figure out. It will need a complete restoation and paint. As you can see in the photos it is Sears Allstate model serial number Im a welder so that wouldnt be a problem if so. I plan to register it on your website but I wanted to wait until the project was done hopefully December-January-ish. They can't beleive how light weight it is. No rust, is wired for lights and has some mounting brackets. The pictures don't do the car justice. I carry a can of fix a flat in case of a flat. The pictued trailer is the one that I own and is now at the body shop getting body work and a fresh coat of paint to match my Bug convertible. So then I started trying anything I could — Tremoluxes, phono pres, power amps, more mic pres, compressors, ETC, ETC, basically whatever I could make that did not require fancy custom-would transformers or inductors. I have to part with it as I have another trailer I put together to pull my canoes and motorcycles. The second green trailer has been painted multiple times but still able to see the og Blue paint. It has all the classic elements of a Fender tweed era tube amplifier, with a bit of that creamy mid range and compression and lots of modern features, including more gain, effects loop and three different channels. But trends tend to get their rennaissance and once again, guitarists demands the timeless sound of the tube amp. I tapped the body all over and found the body to be quite sound. As I, you may be sceptic, but the fact is that these amps sound awesome. It is in very good shape. So I did it again, this time with a fresh Hammond aluminum box. A loud w, or even 50w stack head and speaker cabinet is way too much for your bedroom and smaller clubs. The trailer is a Allstate single wheel trailer. It does need some work on one of the arms. It attaches to the receiver hitch Size: We think we found a compitent metal fabricator locally who can replicate the rusted out floor pan.

Craigslist tweed heads

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After that we will begin to dismantle the trailer.

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