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I question how I could have been so dumb to trust a total stranger. But, just to be sure I checked the keys to make sure they worked shortly after I signed the sublease. Why didn't you question that? In fact, she had changed the keys because someone had complained that they had been subjected to a sublease scam in the building. Now, from the beginning: How could you have fallen for it? Kim and Michael were in the wind, and I was left holding keys to an apartment I had no claim to. He and his year-old wife are behind bars.

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I was their ninth victim to come forward. It wasn't long after I had met with Kim's "landlord," Michael Bryant, signed the sublease, and paid first and last month's rent that I began to question the decision I had just made. To say I've learned my lesson would be an understatement. Let me be clear: Elyette Barbour, 22, of Selinsgrove was arraigned Friday night. It's more than a month later, and this chain of events still keeps me up at night. I'm not saying it's bad, as a whole. Police said Elyette told investigators they killed Laferrara because the couple just wanted to kill someone together. In the end, you always lose. So I instead opted for a short sublet and began scouring Craigslist and other sites for something that would work in a pinch. My worst fears were confirmed. There are just a lot of people peddling steaming piles of shit. But, most importantly, I've learned what it feels like to be on the wrong side of a con. So I started doing some research -- something I should have done from the beginning. Police said they tried to kill other people in the past but were not successful. That feeling in the pit of my stomach must have just been a fluke. Elyette told police they dumped the body then drove back to Selinsgrove. I should have stopped and done what I'm trained to do as a journalist -- my research. There could be legal claims to come, but first they need to track down the two cons. Don't let anything or anyone pressure you -- whether it's an impeding move date or the fear that you won't get that apartment. This was my new apartment and it had all worked out. Sure there were some potential red flags along the way, but that could just be me overanalyzing the situation, right? I laughed off my friend's comments that I was paranoid and crazy. Kim and Michael were in the wind, and I was left holding keys to an apartment I had no claim to. Barbour is charged with criminal homicide for the death of Troy Laferrara, I've heard several fairytale stories about how renters have found amazing roommates or lucky breaks on the site. I wanted so badly to trust humanity -- to believe that this was just kismet, and could only happen in New York.

Craigslist coom

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I laughed off my friend's comments that I was paranoid and crazy. I had enough funds in my savings to front the massive initial deposit, but I was hesitant to lock myself into a year-long lease -- especially since the situation with my preferred roommates had fallen through.

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