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It ain't fair; you died too young, Like the story that had just begun, But death tore the pages all away. I was with my toddler as she watched Barney cartoons, both of us unaware of the events unfolding until my husband called. This song perfectly illustrates our natural desire to turn back time and say things unsaid or do things undone. Concentrating on their unrealized potential and all of the good things they never got to experience, he wonders what their life would look like if it hadn't been cut short: But on the other hand, the song also acknowledges the pain we experience when those we love are gone and the way that we miss them deeply. Healing and Peace Through Music Grief is like an unwelcome stranger who invites himself into your life and often stays too long. It emphasizes that tragedy is a common part of the human experience, and you are not alone in your suffering.

Country songs about losing a loved one

Songs connect us to others who have experienced the same feelings. During the times when I have lost people close to me, I have often found solace in music. And even she wanted to know why. You may provide different types of information to us when you engage in certain activities through the Services, such as creating an account, ordering a product or service, submitting, posting or accessing various content or features, subscribing to mobile push notifications, responding to and submitting a form, participating in our blogs or forums, entering a sweepstakes, contest, promotion or other special initiative, signing up for a special offer, completing a survey, sending feedback, requesting or submitting information, applying for a job, or directly contacting us. These pop, rock, and country songs express the mix of emotions involved in mourning the loss of a dear friend or relative. These songs tackle the devastating grief that comes with losing someone close to you, but also celebrate life, even if the one who was lost is in Heaven. One of girls Lizzy wrote it to honor a deceased friend. I was with my toddler as she watched Barney cartoons, both of us unaware of the events unfolding until my husband called. Whether you need a grief playlist or are planning a funeral and need inspiration, this list is worth checking out. Country songs about passing away are often the most moving country songs because they often tell a sad, true story. To listen to the entire playlist, click here. I hope they help bring you healing and peace. She reflects on what he taught her and how she will always carry him with her in her heart. The song has also become symbolic of the loss that people experienced with the September 11 attack and with Hurricane Katrina. She realizes that her choices have only hurt herself. The Services do not use Google Analytics to gather information that personally identifies you. What are the best country songs about death? When making selections for a celebration of life, choose music that would be meaningful to the lost loved one but also to those gathered to mourn. If you're reading this because you've lost someone special to you, I am sorry for your loss. How did you react? Though we may not understand why a death has occurred, this song gives hope that God is with us. Until then, she carries their memory with her, finding hope and comfort in an eventual reunion. This Grammy Award-winning country song from explores a variety of responses that people had as well as where they were when they found out that the world had been changed forever. If you delete your cookies or if you set your browser to decline cookies, some features of the Services may not be available, work, or work as designed. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs. The song is soft and poignant throughout, beginning with a beautiful piano introduction. The lyrics are sweet and simple, beautifully portraying the love between a father and his child.

Country songs about losing a loved one

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16 Country Songs about the Passing of a Loved One

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The best country songs about death on this list provide kind of emotional connection that musicians hope people seek in their music. Countless people across the world are country music fans, and they consider the genre a big part of their everyday life.

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