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The cougar did not seem to be in any hurry crossing the road. Wildlife officials claim no knowledge of the carcass, but there are any number of alternate explanations, such as scavengers dragging it off the road or a passerby collecting it. After a lengthy process, the U. References Lee, David, J. A mountain lion is a wild cat ranging from two to three feet tall, with females weighing up to lbs and males up to lbs, making it the fourth largest cat in the world. Habitat and Habits Although bobcats are found in a wide range of habitats in North Carolina, wooded habitats of the Coastal Plain and mountains support the largest numbers.

Cougars in nc

One of the early sightings caught on video above was of this female mountain lion, who was subsequently captured in Nov. Witnesses I talked with describe the cat as big, long, swift, and as having a long tail, distinguishing it from the well known bobcat. The wild cougar population of North Carolina used to stretch from the coast all the way to the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. Numerous sightings, videos, and DNA tests on captured animals point to the existence of a small population of the cats in Tennessee, where they were previously declared extinct. Mountain lions once roamed the continent from west to east, but the spread of human communities have led to a massive reduction in the number of big cat populations in the east. He was deer hunting with a friend early one morning in November in Bertie County on a track of land owned by Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill. The eastern cougar Puma concolor couguar used to be seen in remote areas of the state. Despite the mounting number of sightings, videos, and captures over the past year , the state does not recognize the big cats as a permanent residents, because of the lack of evidence of reproducing females. Wildlife officials claim no knowledge of the carcass, but there are any number of alternate explanations, such as scavengers dragging it off the road or a passerby collecting it. We were traveling south towards 43, when out of the brush, on the vehicle driver side, this huge black cat, not a house cat and not a bear, quickly leaped in front of us, then crossed the road, and disappeared into the trees that bordered the canal on the passenger side. However, due to their secretive behaviors, they often go undetected. Having no luck, we decided to drive over to the Lake to view the birds. These and other superstitions circulated by the early settlers in America were born out of inspiration, fear and awe of the bobcat. Adult weights range from 10 to 40 pounds, with males being about one third larger than females. It was in the earl spring. In fact, the only recognized population of mountain lions east of the Mississippi River are southern Florida panthers and DNA testing has confirmed that population is not migrating north. Cougars mainly eat deer, but they will also eat animals such as rabbits, birds, squirrels, wild turkeys, beavers and fish, according to North Carolina Natural Heritage Program. A female usually raises a litter every two years. In any case, cougars are protected in our state. Home ranges may cover a half mile to 30 square miles with male ranges being two to five times larger than female ranges. It was after sundown but not dark because I did not have my headlights on. We were traveling down D Canal Road very slow because it was very wet and narrow. Parnell and Walter C. Bobcat populations continue to increase and bobcats are now distributed throughout the state. I knew it was some kind of cat because it had a long tail, and moved like a cat, but it was so large! It was about 5 feet long with a tail that was 4 or 5 feet long that stuck straight out behind it.

Cougars in nc

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It came out of the woods in front of him and jumped across the path and the ditch in one leap then faded into the woods. It was dusk and she was turning onto Hollis Road from Hwy 32, going to visit a friend.

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