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Search our database of all the national approved judges. Temperamentally, the Cotons are extremely sociable and quite adaptable to various lifestyles and living arrangements. Tucked up but not excessively. Sometimes Cotons also have a few slightly yellow markings on the hair around their ears. Strong back, topline very slightly arched. Too short, too wavy, curly. One good thing about the frequent brushing and comb-outs that Cotons need keeps them from needing a bath any more often than once or twice a year.

Coton de tulear australia

Bone structure and body size is fairly hidden beneath its long-haired coat, but underneath all that fur is a build that is thin but strong. The Coton De Tulear breed is excellent for apartment living as they do not have to have large areas to run and play in or extensive and long daily walks as long as they get plenty of playtimes indoors. Moderate to High Lifespan: Flat or too domed, narrow. They also have very expressive and playful faces brimming with life. Tucked up but not excessively. A more entertaining trait of the Cotons are their skills at easily walking on their hind legs and making incredible jumps. Short, seen from above triangular. Suitability as a Pet: Find an Looking for an Australian Judge? They are also a good choice for anyone suffering from allergies because they shed so very little and the daily combing required keeps pollen and dust from building up on their coat. Highly intelligent and approval seeking, they love to come up with techniques to do anything their family might want them to do. Their quick wit and desire to please can do a lot to alleviate loneliness of their owners. The frontlegs are upright. In general the Cotons are a healthy breed but do have some health problem tendencies as does every breed. As long as the chain of authority within the home of the Cotons is established early on, training of this breed is not too difficult because they are so highly intelligent with a deep-seated need to please their owners. Strong back, topline very slightly arched. Low set, in the axis of the spinal column. Well muscled, slightly arched. Too arched, sway backed. Before that, Cotons were the special favourites of the wealthy in Madagascar for centuries…at least a thousand years ago or so. From 3,5 kg to a maximum of 5 kg. They are extremely affectionate and develop strong attachments to family wanting to be with them every moment possible. No sign of uneven movement. Prefers active but can tolerate low Care Requirements: Topline very slightly convex. Fine, tight, of the same colour as the nose.

Coton de tulear australia

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Dogs 101 - Coton de Tulear

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Well developed, well let down to elbow level, long. The Coton De Tulear are overflowing with personality and a desire to please if at all possible.

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