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Switch places and play again. Divide the girls up into teams of two or three and give them thirty minutes to create their fashion master piece. Give every player a sheet of white paper or napkin. Teenage Slumber Party Games Blind Obstacle Course Another fun slumber party game that involves a blindfold is the blind obstacle course. To make the game more interactive and challenging, players can use Make A Bet Cards to score extra points by guessing how many times partners Sync Up!

Cool slumber party games

I have included a youtube video on how to create a paper fortune cookie, because it is much easier to learn how to make one by watching then trying to type out instructions. Some of your friends can offer services such as a coupon for a free makeover, manicure, or hairstyling. Revenge can be sweet if they didn't like their blind makeover. Tell them they can have as many skittles as they want with one catch: Hang the net so that the TOP is only about four feet off the ground. With only her teammates voice to guide her, the blind must make it across the obstacle course and retrieve a flag the flag can be anything from a stuffed animal to a hair brush. The girls sit in a circle and one chooses a polish bottle and spins it. If your favorite color is pink, purple, or blue move one chair to your left. This list of games will help you make it a night to remember. To Play have all the girls remove their shoes and divide them into teams. Start saying what you had planned to. If she makes it through the minute she gets the label of sleeping beauty or a small prize. Write names of cartoons, story characters or famous actors on small pieces of paper. Remember, they are sleeping or at least pretending to be asleep. Pick out the perfect games for your slumber party. The one who guesses the most correctly wins! Ask the guesser to come in. Speaking of the hilarious new party game where players are paired up to try and say the same thing at the same time - SYNC UP! If you want to add an element of competition you can hide a winners ticket under one or a couple of the chairs. The closest one to land on the posters lips wins. If the game is being played by really young girls you can choose instead to use a picture of a frog prince. Have your guests sit in a circle with music playing in the background. It can be oversized sun glasses, silly teeth, boas, floppy hats, clip on earrings, lipstick, etc… The more items the better. You can also buy some fun items to add such as silly string, nail polish, hair accessories, etc. Each participant has to mimic the character you have announced, with her eyes closed. Bev Holot from Colorado Springs Adds:

Cool slumber party games

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How to Throw the Best 11 Year Old Tween Slumber Sleepover Birthday Party Ever!

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