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Penguins live in the Antarctic. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference, all the animals attend except one. How did they respond to this? Say to the group, "For every square that you tore off, tell the group something about yourself". The store owner scooped up the contents of the cash register and sped away. Similarities, Differences, Expectations The group is divided into teams of 4 or 5 and asked to prepare a flip chart that lists individual differences - things that are unique to that individual, and similarities: The station is normally an hour away, but with traffic being extra heavy, it took a full hour and a half.

Communication icebreakers

Then, throw out wadded up "balls" of brightly colored paper and tell the group if they caught one to throw it to someone else. The Elephant is in the refrigerator. When the volunteer rejoins the group, tell the group and volunteer that the volunteer is going to whisper information about the picture to the person on their right. Introduce the activity with the group all together. Through brilliant maneuvers he defeated them and captured valuable territory. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special. Use 3 or 4 such statements they might represent common misperceptions about the topic and by the end of the exercise participants have engaged with most of the other group members in a fun way. For a bonus point, you can mention while they still have their hands on their faces that if they really like the feel of their hand on their face, that they are tactile learners. The conscious mind is capable of processing somewhere between 16 and 40 million bits of information ones and zeroes per second, whereas the unconscious can handle no fewer than 11 million bits per second. Seat everyone in circles, with up to 14 people in each circle. Some topic that will likely come out during the processing are: Pseudo Psychology Tell participants you want to do a quick psychological profile to help them learn more about themselves. From the Men of Battalion. If you have some strong people, that may take a dozen or more rounds. You may give them instructions; such as, "walk forward five feet". It can be switched in a fraction of a second to concentrate our attention on our heads or our toes, on listening carefully or on reflective thinking. Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant and close the refrigerator. They are the ones that care. Rope - Fold your arms before grabbing the rope River 1. Check that the paperclips can fit snuggly into the end of the straws. All the Crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting! Next have them turn outward and change 3 things about themselves. Fold the paper in half. If you spotted 4, you're above average. Have them close their eyes. This is because you have tacit knowledge of where the tip of your nose is and how you must move your arm to touch it. Captain Frank and some of the boys were exchanging old war stories.

Communication icebreakers

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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Icebreakers

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